Recovery Resolutions For The New Year

nikitos 12/28/17
Recovery Resolutions

The beginning of a new year can bring lots of different emotions. On the one hand, there are feelings of excitement and the motivation to begin goal setting in the weeks ahead. Many also use this time to reflect on the triumphs (and tribulations) of the past 365 days. For some January can bring a…

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From Sexual Harassment to Addiction

nikitos 12/21/17
Sexual Harassment

It’s difficult to watch the news today without coming across another scandalous story about sexual harassment and misconduct. We at Iris Healing Retreat are proud supporters of the #MeToo campaign and the movement to expose those who use their stature and power to abuse. Though we continue to hear many high profile accounts of celebrities and studio…

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Understanding The Links Between PTSD And Addiction

iris 12/03/17
links between PTSD And Addiction

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is an issue that is much more common than people realize. Certainly it can happen to someone serving on the front lines or going to work everyday as a police officer or fireman. But it can also be just as prominent in a person who grew up in abusive household or someone who…

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