Is an Alcohol Detox Program the next step?

nikitos 03/30/18
an Alcohol Detox Program

The word “recovering” does not mean you are weak. If anything, it means you are vulnerable yet brave. Battling an addiction is challenging for anyone; you feel knocked down every time you get back up. Alcohol may start out as a friend, something that guides you through social anxiety, or a troubling situation, a harmful…

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Guidelines For Choosing Ethical Treatment Programs

nikitos 03/29/18
Ethical Treatment

The addiction recovery experience is built upon fundamentals like health, compassion, trust  and wellness. While most rehabilitation centers are very ethical, some recent headlines have shown the importance of knowing what to look for. So in our latest blog, we wanted to share some best practices when it comes to choosing a recovery facility; as…

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A Spiritual Rehabilitation Retreat

nikitos 03/16/18
A Spiritual Rehabilitation Retreat

A spiritual rehabilitation retreat is open to any and everyone who’s willing to step away from constant stimuli in order to establish growth within themselves. The spirit, body and mind are all in conversation with each other, especially when struggling with a substance dependence. Working to strengthen one side also works wonders for the others….

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Finding the Right Trauma Recovery Retreat

nikitos 03/09/18
the Right Trauma Recovery Retreat

Experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event is an unplanned predicament, and leaves victims to asses their emotions on their own terms. Depending on a person’s disposition, there are different ways of coping with a traumatic event. Some may experience shock and become withdrawn, while others will feel anxious and have mood swings. After processing, it…

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