What Our Healing Retreat Centers for Addiction Offer

Iris Healing Retreat 08/29/19
Healing Retreat Centers

When you’re in the grips of addiction, it can seem like there’s no way out. At our healing retreat centers, we have many ways of helping with your addictions. From the initial intake onward, we can help at every step of the way. Each of those steps will be difficult, as there’s nothing easy about…

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A Different Kind of Alcohol Detox Program

Iris Healing Retreat 08/23/19
Alcohol Detox Program

We know that many of our clients have been through detox before, and may not have found the right program for them. When something like that happens, it’s natural to be concerned and worry that there isn’t a right program for you. However, here at the Iris Healing Retreat, we offer many different kinds of…

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When Holistic Rehab is Necessary

Iris Healing Retreat 08/16/19
Holistic Rehab

It can be extremely difficult to deal with addiction issues of a loved one. You may see someone every day of your life, know them better than anyone else, and still feel like you’re losing them. If they are your spouse, child, parent or another family member, you don’t want to say the wrong thing….

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When All Else Fails: Holistic Depression Treatment Centers Now Offering TMS

Iris Healing Retreat 08/09/19
Holistic Depression Treatment Centers

When you’re suffering from depression, it can feel like nothing can help. Depression can make it seem like there’s no way that things will ever get better, that you’ll always be under its cloud. A specifically difficult kind of depression is referred to as “treatment-resistant depression,” which is everything that the name implies. It’s natural…

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Spirituality and Recovery

Iris Healing Retreat 08/05/19
Spirituality and Recovery

Living with addiction is complex. It is depleting — and sometimes feels defeating. Addiction takes us away from ourselves, our connection to people and the world around us. When we have an addiction, our attention becomes focused on scoring, using and feeding the addiction. It becomes the center of our lives. The only things and…

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