Lesser-Known Signs that it’s time for a Los Angeles Rehab Center

Iris Healing Retreat 09/20/19
Los Angeles rehab center

You probably know the obvious signs that someone needs the assistance that our Los Angeles rehab center can provide. Just from seeing movies and television, you know the big dramatic moments, when someone comes to a company party and makes a spectacle of themselves before passing out drunk. Or, a horrible drunk driving story that…

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Press Restart With Holistic Rehab

Iris Healing Retreat 09/15/19
holistic rehab

It takes courage to seek help. But when you know it is time to make a change, you also know it is time to get the ball rolling for your recovery. And you should be able to do so. With so many options to choose from, you may get stumped, or even feel defeated, but…

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Mental Health Retreat Centers: Thinking Outside the Box

Iris Healing Retreat 09/10/19
mental health retreat centers

The term “thinking outside the box” might be the oldest cliché used for “thinking creatively.” Over the years, our experience has shown us how important that is for treating our patients’ addictions. Everyone’s addiction is different. No two situations, addictions, underlying traumas, lives or anything else is the same. So, just using the same therapies…

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EAP Therapy at our Trauma Healing Retreat

Iris Healing Retreat 09/05/19
trauma healing retreat

Some people respond to therapeutic methods better than others. At some facilities, there is only one kind of therapy such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or perhaps it’s something else, but that’s the only option. The method may be very successful for some, but it could also keep others from getting the help that they’re…

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