Alcohol Detox Program

We know that many of our clients have been through detox before, and may not have found the right program for them. When something like that happens, it’s natural to be concerned and worry that there isn’t a right program for you. However, here at the Iris Healing Retreat, we offer many different kinds of alcohol detox programs.  Our professionals can tailor them specifically to your needs. Iris Healing Retreat has an alcohol detox program according to  you or your loved one’s needs.

Expert Alcohol Detox Program

Unfortunately, many of the people who have a problem with alcohol may also have a problem with drugs as well. A recent study showed that there are more than two and a half million people who suffer from both. Additionally, about eight million people have both mental illness and substance abuse issues. That’s where our “dual diagnosis” comes in. We can help to treat each of the underlying issues so as to alleviate your symptoms.

Alcohol Detox Program

Types of Therapy

Over time, many people who suffer from addictions to drug and alcohol have unwanted ways of thinking and feeling. These feelings and thoughts can lead to needing alcohol and drugs as a kind of support. Problems and emotions can feel overwhelming, and drugs and alcohol are there to help. Obviously, drugs and alcohol provide no help whatsoever, but they can be easy to turn to when it seems like there’s no way around the feelings and emotions.

However, “cognitive behavioral therapy” (or “CBT”) posits that there’s a way to unlearn ways of thinking that are unhelpful and destructive. It can be a way to thwart unwanted feelings, and approach life thinking differently. In turn and over time, this can lead to changing emotions and behavior. Obviously, this isn’t a “one and done” treatment. Att Iris Retreat, we have may trained therapists who can help you with CBT so that you can develop new ways of thinking, so as to alleviate the symptoms of drugs and alcohol.

Another very effective form of therapy is called “Family Systems Therapy.” Instead of focusing on a person’s thoughts, it instead deals with their family. Specifically, it centers on the family they grew up in. Instead of approaching them just as a family, it looks at the family as a cohesive emotional unit. This therapy has worked with couples and larger families but has also been highly effective just for individuals as well.

What makes this therapy so potent is how it shows how other family members are affected by one’s changing behavior. We’ve found that this therapy has been highly effective in treating substance abuse issues, but also anxiety and depression as well.

A Tradition of Recovery

Twelve-step programs have been around for almost a century. They come by their longevity for the right reason: they often work. While we may have an image in our minds as to what these are through television and the movies, the underlying idea is that when people share experiences with each other, they can support their recovery. The idea of twelve step programs has been around for so long, but the principles behind them are genuinely timeless. Indeed, in the decades since the creation of twelve-step programs, those principles have been expanded upon, and numerous recovery programs are built upon them. Many of our patients respond very well to twelve steps, CBT, and other kinds of therapy. Not all do. That’s where our customization comes in.

Therapy for You

Not everyone will recover from their addictions in the same way. What works for one person may  not work for the next person. That’s why we offer so many different kinds of therapy. When you contact us, our healing staff will sit down with you. We always greatly appreciate the opportunity to sit down with someone and see how we can help.

From there, we’ll figure out the most effective treatment for you. It won’t be exactly like anyone else’s treatment, it’ll be right for you. Drawing upon our years of experience, we’ll make a treatment that doesn’t just treat your addiction, but rather the underlying traumas beneath it. That’s where all of the external factors in a person’s life come into play: family, physical conditions, job, relationships and so many others. From there, we’ll form a plan for you. When you’re ready, give Iris Healing Retreat a call at (818) 435-3936.