healing recovery

Addiction makes essentially everything in life more difficult. Work, family, social situations, interpersonal relationships – anything and everything becomes so much harder when you’re dealing with an addiction. It is also difficult to have hope. It can seem like there’s no way out, that the cycle of addiction will perpetuate. However, here at the Iris Healing Retreat, we can help you to do exactly that: heal. A healing recovery is possible, even it may not seem that way right now. Our trained professionals can create a plan which will allow you to live your life how you want.

healing recovery

Healing the Underlying Traumas

Many of our clients come to us after having tried another healing retreat or rehab facility. Some of them actually were able to stop abusing substances for a time, but then returned to their habits. Often, this is because other facilities, other professionals only treated the symptoms. They treated the addiction. That may sound like the right thing to do – but it’s not the best way. Here at Iris, we treat the underlying traumas. We treat what’s causing the addiction. That way, when our clients leave our facility, they’re more prepared for the life ahead.

Addiction as a Symptom

Addiction, by itself, doesn’t come from nowhere. It doesn’t just manifest itself one day. Instead, it comes from an underlying trauma, something that a person might not even be aware of. At Iris, we can help our clients to discover exactly what that underlying trauma is. Then, from there, we can put together a treatment plan that treats it specifically.  There are so many different kinds of therapies; it can difficult for a person to pick the right one for them. That’s why our professionals can sit down with you, go over your history, and then put together a treatment plan for you and you alone. Specialized, individual treatment – our patients deserve nothing less.

A Vast Catalog of Methods

If it’s an effective way to treat addiction, we can utilize it. From “Brainspotting” to Somatic Experiencing, detox to CBT, residential to outpatient and more, we have a wide variety of clinical modalities all focused on one thing: helping you to live your best life. We can even use some treatment methods that you might be more unfamiliar with, like yoga therapy, hypnosis therapy, equine therapy and more. You may not have considered hypnosis or working with horses to be part of handling your addiction, but they can be powerful, useful tools.

The Healing Recovery Process can Begin Today

For many people, the first step toward recovery is the hardest. Picking up that phone for the first time, making that phone call to schedule a free consultation – that takes real courage. Even once that’s complete, the rest of the journey may be difficult as well. However, the journey can be a successful one. You can be free of the underlying traumas that have held you back for so long. You can start today by calling us at (818) 435-3936.