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Is an Alcohol Detox Program the Next Step?

The word “recovering” does not mean you are weak. If anything, it means you are vulnerable yet brave. Battling an addiction is challenging for anyone; you feel knocked down every time you get back up. Alcohol may start out as a friend, something that guides you through social anxiety, or a troubling situation, a harmful memory. Over time, though, you find that drinking has become a necessity. Instead of saying to yourself, “I could use a drink,” you begin to say, “I need a drink.” When drinking suddenly becomes a lifestyle instead of a casual activity, it may be time to take a step back and observe the changes in your environment, and if you are basing your life off your  next fix. If you are experiencing a feeling of being out of control, an alcohol detox program may be the action you need to take to ground yourself and change your lifestyle.

Iris Healing® retreat is the place to go to detox…

Iris Healing® Retreat provides the right kind of care you need in order to detox holistically. Involving yourself in a detox program makes overcoming a substance dependence possible. Being surrounded by a supportive and understanding group of people starts the process of healing. Iris Healing® Retreat helps users abstain and detox from their substance and the pressures they feel from their previous environment. A detox program helps you to open your eyes to any toxic relationships you may have accumulated. Simultaneously, a program gives you the opportunity to dig deeper and unveil any other negative stimuli which give you an itch to use.

an Alcohol Detox Program

What does it mean to detox?

The alcohol detox program at Iris Healing® Retreat includes days filled with meditation and reflection, positive activities, group and individual therapy. A holistic approach means healing from the inside out. It begins by separating yourself from the substance and replacing it with both physical and spiritual cleansing. Diet plays an important part during a detox, meaning your meals provided will be low-glycemic and nutritional; exactly what your body needs when undergoing stress of withdrawal. With the changes made to your daily activities and diet, bouncing back becomes easier while you gain strength and confidence in yourself. Holistic rehab wakes your body up for the days ahead after battling addiction.

An Alcohol Detox Program Is the Next Step For You

Iris Healing® Retreat is a Los Angeles rehab center, and serves both local and non-local patients. For more information about our alcohol detox program or admission please call (855) 822-6405