Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

We, like everyone else, were enamored with this week’s Solar Eclipse, which cascaded across the Monday morning sky. And, as we watched it, we began to take a step back and understand it on a much larger scale.

This is a rare opportunity that takes us away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and (for the brief time that it lasted) channels our energies into something bigger.

Astrology, The Eclipse And The Bigger Picture

Prior to the big moment, we had the great fortune of watching noted astrologist Dr. Michael Lennox break down the eclipse on a much more personal level. His YouTube conversation with Inspire Nation host Michael Sandler is a must-see!

As a matter of fact, we found it so inspiring that are sharing it in full below…

Not only did this fascinating conversation offer scientific insights, it put forth key questions that can be applied to one’s recovery experience.

One, for example, is “What Do I Need To Let Go Of?”

Devoting time to this week’s eclipse was a lot like “letting go,” even if it was just for a few hours. During these amazing moments, people broke away from work, forgot their obligations and focused on something greater than their daily anxieties.

Now imagine, if you could use that same type of channeling to shift your focus away from an addiction. Letting Go is a key component of recovery discussions and fits in very nicely with this theme.

Another key point brought up by Dr. Lennox was “What Am I Grateful For?”

Looking into that beautiful ball in the sky (with your proper eyewear, of course) allowed many of us to feel appreciative. Appreciative of life, the beauty of our planet and the people around us who we were able to experience this with.

Think about that as it pertains to recovery. Life really is beautiful and there is so much to be grateful for. Cherish every moment and think deeply about this question the next time you have an urge to use.

One of the final points discussed with Dr. Lennox was “What Does It Mean We Choose To Be Here At This Time?”

We found this to be a great philosophical thought starter. Why are we here right now? What is our purpose? And, as it pertains to recovery, where do our choices ultimately lead us?

We understand that for many, addiction doesn’t feel like a choice. There are certainly genetic components and outside impulses that lead to using.

But with support, treatment and an inner focus, we can steer our choices in a different direction. Yes, an eclipse can be a once-in-a-lifetime event.  But there are always amazing alternatives we can choose that steer us away from harmful substances.

We would love to continue this insightful conversation at our own Iris Healing. Ideas, emotions and astrological analyses are always welcome. Reach out and tell us how big experiences like this can shape one’s life for the better.