nikitos 05/08/19
substance abuse disorder

Most people who suffer from substance abuse disorder have dealt with some form of trauma in their lives, be it: childhood trauma, physical or emotional abuse, PTSD, rape, neglect, homelessness, and more ad nauseum. These traumas may not be necessarily the cause of the substance abuse disorder, but it is most definitely a mitigating factor…

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nikitos 05/03/19

When one considers a detox/residential program facility, one is not far off the mark when imagining the same therapy modalities common throughout medical detox, educational and therapeutic groups, one on one counseling, therapy, and experiential groups. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this model, but more and more facilities are implementing other therapeutic methods to…

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What Are The Benefits Of Holistic Depression Treatment Centers?

nikitos 11/13/18
top holistic depression treatment centers

In truth, there may be no genuine benefits to holistic depression treatment centers, but an over-reliance on medication doesn’t work either, so why rule out a holistic route? Nobody is saying you have to drink elm tea and meditate in front of candles; you simply have to explore the idea that anti-depressants are not your…

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The Pros and Cons of Mental Health Retreat Centers

nikitos 11/06/18
mental health retreat centers near me

Mental health retreat centers is not a phrase that is protected by the law, which is why retreat centers differ so wildly. For example, there is a retreat center in the darkest corners of Europe where traumatized people are encouraged to feed endangered baby wolves. There are centers that cost thousands to attend and centers…

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nikitos 10/30/18

Neurofeedback  One of the most exciting, reliable, and least invasive technologies in today’s arsenal of treatment tools is the use of neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a way to map areas of the brain that have become problematic, and to be develop an individualized plan around how to heal that part of the brain to function properly….

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Continuing The Recovery Journey With Outpatient Programs

nikitos 09/21/18
Outpatient Programs

Recovery is a lifelong process and one that benefits greatly from ongoing support. Completing a residential treatment program is the essential first step, but that is not where the journey typically ends. For many, healing and wellness can also be found through Outpatient Programs; which continue to work on issues like trauma resolution, self-care and personal development….

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The Healthiest Alcohol Detox Program

nikitos 09/13/18
healthiest alcohol detox program

With countless alcohol detox programs available it can be an overwhelming process to find the one that is an ideal fit. While researching for the healthiest alcohol detox program it is important to take the time to find a place and community that will not only support clients break the cycle of addiction but also…

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The Evolution of Neurofeedback

nikitos 08/22/18
PTSD and Addiction

Overcoming addiction can be a daunting feat and for generations, there has been a traditional set of tools to treat these issues. While therapy or detox can be effective, a newer, transformative technique has been incorporated into the recovery process (and embraced by sites like Psychology Today). Some studies reveal that Neurofeedback can improve the rate…

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