Best Rehab Centers in Florida and Beyond

The best rehab centers in Florida provide privacy, individual attention, and unparalleled service for guests recovering from addiction. Rehab centers, or inpatient addiction treatment facilities, have the capacity to provide a life-changing experience for patients suffering from substance abuse.

The path to recovery can often be lengthy and difficult, fraught with setbacks or complicated with various circumstances surrounding the addiction. From a dual diagnosis to co-occurring disorders, every patient comes with a unique set of circumstances and history. When considering an inpatient recovery facility in Florida or other states, a number of factors will help you determine the optimal choice for yourself or a loved one suffering from addiction.

Best Rehab Centers in Florida

The Best Rehab Centers Offer Many Recovery Tools

Healing addiction is a complex process, and the best rehab centers in Florida may offer a number of tools, including:
Physical and Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment Recommendations
Psychiatric Evaluations as needed
Educational Lectures or Presentations
Relapse Prevention and Continuing Care Planning
Holistic Therapies including yoga
Sober Fun Activities
Self-Help Support Groups (AA/NA)
Exercise in a Fully Equipped Gym
Process Groups Five Days a Week

Considering Out-Of-State Alternatives to the Best Rehab Centers in Florida

While looking for the Best Rehab Centers in Florida for yourself or a loved one, you may want to consider licensed facilities located in a different state. There are several reasons an out-of-state rehab facilities may be the right choice in any given situation.

Some patients realize that, as part of the recovery process, they must distance themselves from their current environment. Receiving a fresh start in a new state may be a benefit to their addiction recovery process. Even the best rehab centers in Florida may not be completely effective if the patient is surrounded by the same environment where they developed the addiction in the first place. In those cases where the environment plays a strong role and may offer triggers, the best possible choice that a long-term drug addiction patient can do is remove themselves from that environment and seek help in different city or state.

For patients looking for the best rehab facilities in Florida and beyond, our residential rehab center in Southern California offers a wonderful alternative. Southern California is similar to Florida with its warm climate and a welcoming environment. Both Southern California and Florida offer many outdoor activities that may aid the recovery process. From hiking to yoga to horseback riding, the best rehab centers in Florida or California provide a variety of activities.

Iris Healing Retreat, nestled in beautiful Woodland Hills, Southern California, features all of the essential comforts of home along with additions that could only be found at a world-class facility. Upon admission to Iris Healing Retreat Residential treatment center for substance abuse, clients are assigned a licensed primary counselor. He or she will collaborate with the rest of the multidisciplinary treatment team to create an individualized treatment plan. Iris Healing Retreat features a Feng Shui sacral space designed by Liu, a 4th generation of Feng Shui master. Our facility ensures a balance in energy from all 5 elements of the Universe throughout the property.

Iris Healing Retreat is designed so that Feng Shui factors form together to create a harmonic balance ideal for healing for patients from all over the country and the world. We are committed to supporting life-long recovery. When searching for the best Rehab Centers in Florida and beyond, we hope you will consider Iris Healing Retreat. Contact us to learn more – we are here 24/7 to answer your questions confidentially at (844) ONE – IRIS or (844) 663 – 4747.