‘Buried Addictions’ Amid The Opioid Crisis

nikitos 02/27/18
Opioid Crisis

While America’s opioid crisis makes daily headlines, other dangerous addictions have flown mostly under the radar of mainstream media outlets. It is no secret that opioid addiction claims hundreds of lives everyday, but drugs like meth have become just as deadly and widespread in the United States.   The New York Times recently published an…

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Looking Deeper Into Cannabis Induced Psychosis — What Do The Facts Say?

nikitos 02/09/18
Looking Deeper Into Cannabis Induced Psychosis — What Do The Facts Say?

We have to admit, we were incredibly surprised by the reactions to our recent article on marijuana and psychosis. Just days after publishing it, the piece became the most viewed blog in the history of our site. It also received a wide range of social media reactions, “going viral” enough to reach more than 10,000…

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Another Epidemic – Cannabis Induced Psychosis On The Rise

nikitos 01/20/18
Cannabis Induced Psychosis

Based on what we’ve been seeing, 2018 should be a significant year in the recovery field. For one thing, America’s opioid epidemic is continuing to grow at an alarming rate. Yes the crisis is getting the national attention it deserves, but it promises to be a tremendous uphill battle to actually overcome it. One other…

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The Temptations and Triggers of Halloween

iris 10/27/17
Temptations and Triggers

As we approach the end of October, we begin to see plenty of festive decorations highlighting skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, vampires and more. Sure most of it is good fun, but there are other elements of Halloween that could create uneasiness for someone who may be vulnerable to addiction. For our latest blog, we thought we would share a…

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Peace, Harmony & Silencing The Impulses

iris 10/10/17

Let’s face it, we live in a very fast-paced world. Los Angeles in particular feels like it moves a mile a minute and seems to thrive upon the concept of instant gratification. Now of course there is nothing with living a fast-paced life, but it can certainly spiral if not balanced with feelings of tranquility…

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Good Vibrations

iris 06/17/17

Iris Healing Retreat is about a stone’s throw away from Topanga Canyon with its streams, waterfalls, mountains and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, San Fernando Valley and downtown Los Angeles. Hippy central in the 1960s, Topanga still retains a bohemian atmosphere with art galleries, performing arts spaces, music and film festivals and is also…

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