How Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California Can Help

How Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California Can Help

Iris Healing Retreat 03/27/20
dual diagnosis treatment centers

Just because you have an addiction, that doesn’t mean that you’re precluded from suffering depression. By that same token, if you’re dealing with PTSD, you aren’t precluded from dealing with alcoholism. For people who have both a substance abuse disorder as well as a mental illness, it’s important to find the right kind of rehabilitation…

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The Ways Sober Living in Woodland Hills Helps you Start Living

Iris Healing Retreat 03/20/20
sober living in Woodland Hills

After detox, we don’t just send you back into the world. That can be too difficult a transition for many. You just got clean and sober after all of those toxins were (literally) taken out of your life. Then it becomes time to replace them with something. That’s what we can do here at Iris…

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Hypnosis Therapy Treatment to Change Habits

Iris Healing Retreat 03/06/20
best holistic rehab

The word “hypnosis” may conjure a gimmicky image, but hypnotherapy in reality is not at all as it is portrayed in entertainment. In hypno-therapy, you are led into (or lead yourself into) a hypnotic induction phase to get into a trance–a meditative focused state–to absorb words of encouragement or positive images in a potent way….

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What a Holistic Drug Rehab can Offer

Iris Healing Retreat 02/29/20
holistic drug rehab

Of the questions we’re often asked is, “what does a holistic drug rehab actually do”?  People sometimes hear the word “holistic” and associate that with a negative connotation, as too many have abused the word in the past. Here at Iris Healing, it just means that we offer a multidisciplinary approach in which we treat…

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Incorporating Holistic Methods into Depression Treatment in Los Angeles

Iris Healing Retreat 02/22/20
depression treatment in los angeles

There’s more to treating depression than just therapy. Sure, that’s part of what we offer at Iris Healing, but we have many other ways to provide depression treatment in Los Angeles. We don’t believe that you should just treat the body, or just treat the mind – we believe that, for a person to be…

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California for a Full Recovery

Iris Healing Retreat 02/15/20
dual diagnosis treatment center in California

People who are dealing with mental health and substance abuse feel trapped. As they wish to recover, they may have to go on a complex journey to address their depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues. This is where our dual diagnosis treatment center in California become useful for those who wish to recover fully. …

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Trauma Healing Retreats: Finally Get Treated from Your Violent Past

Iris Healing Retreat 02/07/20
trauma healing retreats

One of the challenges for trauma healing retreats today; is the reluctance of people who have experienced trauma to seek out help. They simply want to avoid reliving the event. They want to forget about it and move on.  However, as evidence-based research shows, attempting to shut off the feelings of the trauma will only…

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Rehab Center in Los Angeles Offers Individualized Care for Addiction

Iris Healing Retreat 01/24/20
rehab centers in Los Angeles

One of the reputable rehab centers in Los Angeles is Iris Healing Retreat. It is a certified dual-diagnoses treatment center. We have designed an effective and comprehensive program to address the underlying issues related to addiction. Our approach is based on full psychological evaluation, trauma resolution, family dynamic therapy, compassion and safety.    All of our…

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Growth of Holistic Treatment in Rehabs

Iris Healing Retreat 01/17/20
Holistic treatment

Holistic treatment for substance abuse focuses on all aspects of the individual. Holistic, by definition; means taking the whole person into account. Aside from treating the physical components of addiction, holistic treatments incorporate the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the individual, as well. Addiction is a complex disease that affects body, mind and spirit,…

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What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and How Does it Help?

Iris Healing Retreat 12/10/19
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California

What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, exactly? It sounds a bit scary at first. One might initially think of something that messes with someone’s head in a very deep level. The actual treatment is the exact opposite, however. It’s a safe, highly effective way to deal with depression as well as some other ailments when multiple…

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