Adderall Side Effects


What Does Adderall Feel Like? Adderall is a commonly prescribed drug for ADHD. However, it can cause addiction and death when abused. Read on to learn how to prevent Adderall misuse. Article Contents What Is Adderall? Adderall is a prescription medication that works as a psychostimulant. In America, over 16 million people take this drug […]

How to Break Addiction

How to Break Addiction

Ending the Cycle: How to Break Addiction Getting sober is a difficult task, but there are ways to make the job easier. Article Contents Why is Quitting So Hard? Many people do not understand why others become addicted to drugs. They may assume that people with alcohol or drug issues simply lack morals or willpower. However, anyone who has had a substance use disorder, […]

What are Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive Thoughts

What are Intrusive Thoughts Intrusive thoughts get stuck in someone’s mind and can be distressing. Several conditions can cause intrusive thoughts, but there are ways to manage them. Article Contents What are Intrusive Thoughts? Intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts that get stuck in your head. Sometimes these thoughts can be harmless, but in other cases, they can be […]

Codependency in Relationship

Codependency - a form of relational dysfunction

Are You in a Codependent Relationship? Codependency is a form of relational dysfunction that is more common than you think. Article Contents What is Codependency? Licensed psychologist and author Dr. Renee Exelbert describes codependency as a “circular relationship in which one person needs the other person, who in turn, needs to be needed.”1 Codependency comes down to an […]

TMS for Schizophrenia

TMS for Schizophrenia

TMS for Schizophrenia Treatment About 1% of the population is affected by schizophrenia. Using TMS for schizophrenia is a promising treatment option for those suffering from this disorder. Article Contents What is Schizophrenia? Before diving into TMS for schizophrenia, you must understand what schizophrenia entails for those who suffer from it. Schizophrenia is a mental […]

Gaslighting in a Relationship

Gaslighting Examples in a Relationship

Gaslighting: the “Extremely Effective” Form of Emotional Abuse You May Not Recognize Are you being gaslit? Find out what the term means and how to recognize the behavior. Article Contents What is Gaslighting? Does your partner make you feel like you’re going crazy? Do they deny your perception of reality, saying things like “that never happened,” […]

TMS for Asperger’s

TMS Therapy Cost

TMS for Asperger’s Treatment TMS for Asperger’s has become a promising new treatment option. Asperger syndrome is a condition that is found on the autism spectrum disorders continuum. Article Contents What is Asperger’s Syndrome? TMS for Asperger’s is becoming a promising new treatment option to help individuals everywhere. Asperger syndrome, also known as Asperger’s, used to […]

TMS for Addiction

TMS for addiction

TMS for Substance Use: What is TMS and How Can It Treat Addiction? Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can help individuals recover from addiction. Here’s what you should know about this exciting new treatment option. Article Contents What Is Addiction? According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), addiction is defined as “a treatable, chronic […]



TMS for PTSD PTSD can happen to anyone, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Here’s what you need to know about TMS for PTSD Article Contents What is Trauma? Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) Therapy is effective when it comes to reducing depressive symptoms related to PTSD due to trauma. Trauma is defined as an […]