trauma healing retreat

Some people respond to therapeutic methods better than others. At some facilities, there is only one kind of therapy such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or perhaps it’s something else, but that’s the only option. The method may be very successful for some, but it could also keep others from getting the help that they’re looking for. At our trauma healing retreat, we offer an array of different kinds of therapies. Yes, we have highly trained CBT experts, but we also have other kinds of therapies as well. When you contact us, we’ll put together a specialized plan for your exact needs.

trauma healing retreat

EAP Therapy Healing Retreat Benefits

One of the more unique forms of therapy that Iris Healing offers Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy a.k.a. EAP therapy.  During this type of therapy, clients work with horses, a licensed therapist as well as a horse specialist. This method of therapy can be especially helpful with challenges at the workplace. While we have many therapies that can assist with addiction and the like, this can go a long way towards helping one to focus on finishing jobs, on getting things done. We understand that when you come to the Iris Healing Retreat, your ultimate goal is to step out of our facility and into the life that you want to lead. This particular therapy can do yeoman’s word in that regard.

Working with Others

If you’ve been struggling with addiction for a period of time, it’s natural that many of your interpersonal skills have atrophied. Those same skills will be necessary to help you to live life on your terms. EAP therapy can help you to re-discover and develop an ease in working within various groups, on being a part of a team in a constructive, positive fashion. Following direction isn’t always easy. This therapeutic method doesn’t just help you to build that “muscle,” but also to become more assertive and ultimately, a better leader.

Working on Yourself

Of course, EAP therapy isn’t just about how you are around other people. Like so many of our other therapies, EAP also focuses on your inner self, helping you feel how you want inside and out. If you’ve been in the throes of addiction, you may not have the highest self-confidence, the most readily-accessible self-motivation. This therapy can help you to grow both of those so that you can tackle any task ahead of you. Coping, whether with stress, or just the day to day rigors of work and life, is something else that this therapy can assist with.

A Trauma Healing Retreat that’s Focused on Healing Trauma

Developing a sense of self-worth is one more benefit of our EAP therapy, but really, that’s what all of our treatments do. Addiction doesn’t have to be the end, and it doesn’t have to hold you back from what you want in life. At our retreat, we don’t just help you to live sober, we can help you to live. The first step is always the hardest. 

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