specialist Trauma Recovery Retreat

Trauma has serious long-term effects upon a person’s mental and emotional well being, and if it is left untreated it may result in problems such as drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Trauma can linger long after rehabilitation, and may cause the addict to relapse, or to develop other problems coming from that initial trauma. If you go to a standard rehabilitation center, then you may not receive the necessary treatment to uncover trauma and resolve it, and you may discover that only by attending a specialist trauma recovery retreat can you overcome your long-term issues.

Why Standard Rehabilitation Doesn’t Work

Many addicts find themselves in rehabilitation centers that focus upon withdrawing the body from drugs without addressing the issues caused by underlying mental health problems. What this means is that although the initial physical craving is gone, the psychological need for drugs to numb the pain of trauma has not gone. In the long term, this means that standard rehabilitation has not resolved the addiction; it has merely cut off the first layer.

specialist Trauma Recovery Retreat

Better Healing With Trauma Recovery

We believe that addicts benefit from trying to uncover traumatic experiences or events which have triggered that addiction. New and effective treatments such as Brainspotting and Neurofeedback have high success rates in the treatment and resolution of many types of trauma. You may have started using substances to numb the symptoms of trauma, while becoming re-traumatized through the process of using, thus creating a vicious feedback cycle. Without a resolution to these traumas, it is difficult for many people to maintain long-term sobriety.

Address the Root Cause with Us

We want you to get to the root of your problems, and uncover them in order to cure them. Your drug or alcohol addiction is only the surface problem, and you need to address both problems at the same time; the addiction and the trauma are bound together, and you will not be able to resolve one properly without dealing with the other. To finally conquer all of your problems at our trauma recovery retreat, reach out to us now by calling (844) 663-4747 or by sending us a message online for information, or to begin one of our programs.