Incorporating Holistic Methods into Depression Treatment in Los Angeles

depression treatment in los angeles

There’s more to treating depression than just therapy. Sure, that’s part of what we offer at Iris Healing, but we have many other ways to provide depression treatment in Los Angeles. We don’t believe that you should just treat the body, or just treat the mind – we believe that, for a person to be set on their true path in life, you have to treat the entire person. That’s what our holistic treatment program does: it treats the whole “you” to become the “you” that you want to be. 

Treating the Body: Diet 

Here at Iris Healing, we have a wonderful, low-glycemic diet. When people hear the words “low” and “diet” in a sentence together, they might think that this is some kind of deprivation, but really it’s the opposite. This diet helps to restore your dopamine back to correct levels in your brain. That’s important when you’re fighting addiction because drugs and alcohol affect those dopamine levels specifically. We’re not saying that this diet is going to cure depression on its own or anything like that, but, it’s one more way that we can help you to lead a healthier, higher-quality life. On top of that, you’ll be able to take these recipes with you when you leave, too! 

Treating the Body: Exercise 

Exercise is crucial to helping the body to recover from addiction, to overcome depression, and more. Exercise feels good. Sure, it may be difficult at the moment, but it ultimately feels good to exercise. It has so many lasting health benefits that there’s literally no way to list them all out in this blog. We can help you to get into an exercise program that’s right for you and your body. That way, you can not only get into great shape, but you’ll also feel good. You’ll have a way to make yourself feel good that’s great for your body. It’s one more thing that will serve you well once you step outside of Iris Healing, too. 

depression treatment in los angeles

Treating the Mind and Body: Yoga, Art Therapy, and More 

Eating right and exercising are important for they help the entire body, but sometimes you need to do something that’s great for the mind too. That’s why we offer art therapy modalities. These can help you explore your creativity, express yourself in a variety of mediums, and learn more about your feelings and your inner thoughts, all in a safe, supportive way. This work is invaluable in finding the underlying issues of the problem while also making you feel good. 

More than Just Depression Treatment in Los Angeles 

At Iris Healing, we’ve helped so many to overcome depression, addiction, and more. Often, we’ve had patients who suffered from a mental health illness (such as depression) in addition to an addiction. These folks are best treated by our dual diagnosis treatment, which treats both of them at the same time. When you get into contact with us, we can figure out the right treatment for your needs. To learn more, call us at (844) 663-4747. 

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