Kayla Radin


Kayla Radin

Program Manager

When people ask me what I do for work and I tell them I’m the program manager at a residential dual diagnosis treatment center, their follow-up question tends to be, “Okay, but what do you do there,” to which I reply, “My job is to see and hear people.” What I love most about my work is providing those who have previously felt invisible an opportunity to be recognized and acknowledged.

As someone who struggled for 16 years with an eating disorder, I’m deeply passionate about recovery and empathetic towards those who are newly experiencing it. I take great pride in this company and couldn’t ask for a better employer. I love working at Iris and in my downtime (as if that’s a thing), I enjoy writing, often finding myself leading writing-based groups at the house.

I never want anyone to need to seek treatment but if they do, my hope is they find a facility as compassionate, structured, and dynamic as Iris.

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