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You probably know the obvious signs that someone needs the assistance that our Los Angeles rehab center can provide. Just from seeing movies and television, you know the big dramatic moments, when someone comes to a company party and makes a spectacle of themselves before passing out drunk. Or, a horrible drunk driving story that ends in an accident or worse. Those are the most obvious, the most dramatic signs. However, there are more signs than that. Below, we’ve put together some of the more common signs that a person may have developed a dependence or even an addiction to alcohol.

Los Angeles rehab center

When you’re With Someone with an Alcohol Problem Socially

There are behaviors that someone who has an alcohol problem may show when they’re with you somewhere socially. This could be at a bar, restaurant, ball game, or basically, anywhere else you’re just hanging out. You want to watch for if they just never stop drinking once they start. Alternately, be aware if they’re drinking more and more over time and it never seems to stop.  That could even be as clear as them drinking their drink very quickly, or ordering nothing but doubles continuously and never stopping. A clear sign that’s often overlooked: if someone is worried that there might not be a drink at a location, or something could keep them from getting a drink and it makes them miserable.

Use Your Intuition

You might read the above paragraph and think: “none of those is really a clear sign that a person has a problem.” Perhaps not in isolation, but take them as a whole. If someone you care about exhibits several of the behaviors in the last paragraph, then you know something’s wrong. There’s quite a difference between the person who drinks too much to celebrate a birthday or really good news, and the person who does it night after night, time after time, getting worse continually. You know the person you care about, so you can tell the difference between “that’s just them blowing off steam” and a genuine problem.

Alcohol Problem Signs: When they’re Alone

Unfortunately, some of the clearest signs that a person has an alcohol problem only really manifest when the person is alone. They could also go to great lengths to ensure that you or others don’t notice. That includes drinking alone, particularly on the job. Having a bottle in the bottom drawer of your work desk is something that some people have for rare, special occasions. Drinking from it more often than that is a problem.  If someone drinks in the morning, just to feel “right,” then you know something is wrong. That might be one of the clearest signs of all.

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