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A Low Glycemic Diet in Recovery

A Low Glycemic Diet in Recovery

Why is a low glycemic diet in recovery help to stay on track? Maybe the following sounds familiar… So you’ve detoxed off of heroin or have abstained from alcohol and are working a healing recovery program of some sort. Yet, there are some days that are better than others as far as your mood goes, […]

Spiritual Rehabilitation as an Alternative Recovery Approach

Spiritual Rehabilitation Centers

Spiritual rehabilitation as an alternative recovery method has shown to be successful for drug and alcohol addiction.  Addicts often go through the recovery process several times without success before finding their way to lifelong recovery. We understand that those struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction are in a challenging place having to overcome something […]

The Spiritual Rehabilitation Retreats as an Alternative

The Spiritual Rehabilitation Retreats as an Alternative

Dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction is one of the most challenging situations anyone might face in their lifetime. Traditional treatment centers can work well for some people, but others have found much success with Spiritual Rehabilitation Retreats as an alternative. Coming to the realization that you need help to fight your addiction is […]

Using The ‘Four Agreements’ During Your Recovery Journey

The Four Agreements During Recovery

If you happen to look at the “Day In The Life at Iris” section of our site, you’ll notice that we begin every morning with spiritual reflections and a recital of The Four Agreements. What might those be, you ask? We like to think of The Four Agreements as important affirmations that can lift those recovering out […]

Iris: Good Trips Only

Lake Balboa Park

After a morning meditation, after an inspired meal created by our chef, after individual, group, family, art, movement or yoga therapy… it’s probably time to go on a field trip. Last week Iris residents walked in Lake Balboa Park, participated in equestrian therapy in Malibu and toured the world famous Getty Villa. Part of the […]