Massage Therapy in Alcohol Detox Programs

Massage Therapy in Alcohol Detox Programs

The practice of massaging has been around for centuries. It was first used for medicinal purposes and continues to be utilized for its multitude of healing properties. Since then, it has flourished in popularity, especially as our stressful lifestyles demand restoration. But with an increasing amount of responsibilities and tasks in our daily lives, there is an increase in escaping through unhealthy mechanisms. For some it is binging TV, eating sugar, promiscuity, or shopping. For others, using substances like alcohol and drugs feels like the best cure to combat current life demands. A holistic rehab can help you find healthier ways to manage stress. In particular, massage therapy can be a great aid for an effective alcohol detox program and rehab.

Effective Alcohol Detox Program

In a detox program, you will be carefully supervised by medical and mental health professionals to ensure that you are safely weaned off the substances that are affecting your life. You will be assisted in creating healthy habits for yourself such as a nutritious diet, daily exercise, and expressive activities. 

Massage Therapy

A massage manipulates the muscles, tissues, skin, ligaments, and tendons through light touch or pressure on the body that allows the energy to flow. When parts of the body are loosened, muscles send a signal to the body to reduce production of stress hormones and in effect shoots a signal of calm. Massage is an integrative medicine that relieves stress, muscle tension, and pain. It has even been shown to help those with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and digestive disorders. There are many massages you can try for your recovery including lymphatic treatment, Sweedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point massage, acupressure, and more. 

Fun facts on massage therapy: Chinese people developed a book that shows their creation of acupuncture and acupressure methods in 2700 BCE, Egyptians people pioneered reflexology as it was discovered in tombs in 2500 BCE, Hindus designed the art of healing touch through Ayurveda sometime as early as 3000 BCE, and Japanese people spawned Shiatsu through influence of Chinese medicine in 1000 BCE.

effective alcohol Detox Program

Lymphatic Treatment

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs responsible for getting rid of unhealthy materials. During a lymphatic massage, your body’s detoxification system is stimulated through gentle touch of the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is responsible for neutralizing toxins, waste, and pollution. Drainage therapy has the ability to restore the body and encourage a healing process as it rings out toxins from drugs and alcohol from your body as well. Your therapist and doctors assisting you through your detox will be able to gauge when this type of treatment can be done on you. 

How to Prepare for Detox Lymphatic Massage
  • Drink plenty of water 24 hours before the massage and after the session
  • Try to go on an empty stomach or having eaten only light snacks
  • Do not take any substance because your liver collects what is detoxified
  • Enjoy a movement session such as gentle yoga or stretching, using conscious breathing, so that the toxins can flow down your blood stream for removal
  • Take time to relax and rest 
  • Eat a nutrient-dense meal post massage
  • Take Vitamin C

For more information on the effective alcohol detox programs in a holistic rehab center, call us at (844) 663-4747.

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