mental health retreat centers

The term “thinking outside the box” might be the oldest cliché used for “thinking creatively.” Over the years, our experience has shown us how important that is for treating our patients’ addictions. Everyone’s addiction is different. No two situations, addictions, underlying traumas, lives or anything else is the same. So, just using the same therapies and methods for each patient just isn’t going to get it done. That’s why we offer so many different kinds of therapies at our mental health retreat centers: so that we can find the one that’s right for you.

mental health retreat centers

Acupuncture Therapy

Among our different therapeutic methods, this is the one that some of our patients are the most skeptical about trying. However, after giving it a shot, the benefits from it can be immense. Among the many, many health concerns that come with addiction, the body of an addict is almost never relaxed. Sometimes they’re high, but they’re never really relaxed. Between acupuncture and massage, you can be truly relaxed. That way, your body can learn to feel good again, to feel calm and whole without the need for abusing substances.

Removing Impurities

When in the grips of addiction, so many awful substances enter into our bodies. Doing it once is bad enough, but doing it time and again, over and over for several years can take a significant toll. This is one more area where our acupuncture and massage helps our patients tremendously. These therapies can remove those impurities from your body, relieving your body of that terrible burden. Obviously, this doesn’t happen all at once, or in only a session or two. But, over time, these therapies can help your body to let go of what’s been holding it back. Acupuncture, by its very nature, releases dopamine in the body. So, through doing this, the acupuncture actually can suppress that which causes so many to abuse substances again and again.

Centering Emotionally

Addiction makes it so much harder to do so many things in life. For example, it’s basically impossible to center yourself emotionally when you’re abusing substances. Our massage therapy gives our patients the opportunity to re-learn (or learn period) how to center themselves. Addiction can leave you feeling adrift and disconnected – not just from your life, but also your emotions and even your physical body. Massage therapy, from our trained, expert massage therapists, provides a way to bring you back to your body, and to your emotions.

Respectful, Caring Therapy

At Iris Healing Retreat, our massage therapists know that through touching, respect and care, we can help you to heal your mind, body, and spirit. However, that isn’t just limited to our massage therapy. Each of our therapists, regardless of therapeutic method or discipline, brings that same level of respect and care.  By treating the underlying issues that cause the addiction, you can go on to lead your best life. There’s no better time to get started on mental health retreat centers than today. 

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