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Pros and Cons of TMS Therapy Here’s a look at the pros and cons of TMS therapy to help decide if it’s right for you. Article Contents Understanding TMS Therapy TMS therapy is a relatively new treatment option for various mental health conditions. While there are many pros to this type of treatment, individuals should consider some potential cons. Here we’ll look at both the pros and cons of TMS therapy. If you’re considering this treatment option, it’s important to be aware of all
TMS Therapy at Iris Healing Our team of highly skilled professionals at Iris Healing provide TMS therapy to patients in need. Article Contents About TMS Therapy If you find yourself searching for “TMS therapy near me,” Iris Healing may be the perfect option for you. Iris Healing’s team of highly skilled professionals provides TMS therapy to individuals in a safe and comfortable environment. Keep reading to learn more about how TMS therapy options at Iris Healing can help. TMS Therapy is an innovative, non-invasive,
The Complete Guide to Neurofeedback This guide will explain everything about brain training neurofeedback. Read on to learn more. Article Contents What Is Neurofeedback Therapy? What do Betsy DeVos, Former Secretary of Education, Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers, and Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, have in common? They have all utilized neurofeedback therapy to improve their lives. If you’ve never heard of biofeedback or neurofeedback therapy, you may be wondering, what is neurofeedback? It is a type of therapy that improves mood, sleep, anxiety,
What is a Neurofeedback Session? Learn what neurofeedback is and what happens during a neurofeedback therapy session. Article Contents What Is Neurofeedback Therapy? Most people know about therapy and medication to treat conditions like anxiety and depression, but few people are familiar with neurofeedback. What is neurofeedback therapy? It’s a type of therapy that changes how the brain reacts to certain stimuli. While some people may be put off by a therapy that changes the brain, it’s a non-invasive and effective treatment for several
Understanding the Impact of Brainwaves on Mental Health Read on in this article to learn all about brainwaves and how they impact mental health. Article Contents What Are Brainwaves? The brain is a complex organ. At all times, information is being processed, and millions of neurons are firing, producing electrical signals that control our thoughts and behaviors. Most of us have heard the term “brainwaves,” but what are brainwaves? Well, brainwaves are the synchronized waves of neural oscillations; in other words, human brainwave frequencies show what’s
Utilizing Neurofeedback for Depression: A Promising Treatment Learn how neurofeedback brain training is a promising treatment for depression. Article Contents What is Brain Training Neurofeedback? Most people know that depression can be treated with medication and therapy, but fewer people know of neurofeedback for depression. Neurofeedback is a type of therapy that improves various conditions affecting mood, anxiety, attention, and even academic and athletic ability. Instead of simply treating symptoms like medication does, neurofeedback aims to fix problems at the root—the root being brainwaves. How
Neurofeedback for Anxiety Neurofeedback for anxiety is an effective alternative to traditional anxiety treatment methods. Learn more here. Article Contents What is Neurofeedback? Anxiety is a mental health condition that affects millions of people every year. While anxiety can be managed with medication and traditional talk therapy, some people may not respond to these treatments. Neurofeedback therapy for anxiety is an effective alternative for anxiety treatment. Keep reading to learn more about how neurofeedback for anxiety can help. Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback
What is Emotional Abuse? Read on to learn what emotional abuse in a relationship looks like and what you can do to avoid it. Article Contents What is Emotional abuse? Emotional abuse happens when someone uses emotions to control someone else.1 Emotions are used to blame, criticize, embarrass or shame the other person. Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse is not always visible to people outside of the relationship in which it occurs. A relationship is often considered emotionally abusive when there is a consistent
What are Intrusive Thoughts Intrusive thoughts get stuck in someone’s mind and can be distressing. Several conditions can cause intrusive thoughts, but there are ways to manage them. Article Contents What are Intrusive Thoughts? Intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts that get stuck in your head. Sometimes these thoughts can be harmless, but in other cases, they can be incredibly disturbing and even violent. Oftentimes, these obsessive thoughts may indicate underlying mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Intrusive thoughts can appear out of nowhere and cause anxiety, compulsions, and disruption of your daily