We would like to wish all of our followers a very Happy September. Now that Labor Day has passed, the schools are back in session, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are beginning to fall, you may want to take a moment and self-reflect. You would be amazed at how interconnected our bodies are with the changing seasons and now, as Autumn begins to show itself, we can all pause and re-evaluate our health and wellness.


Summer, of course, is a season of frolicking and fun. Beautiful sunshine, swimming, traveling and what have you. But you would be surprised at how easily someone could slip into bad habits amidst the temptations of this carefree season. Outdoor wine parties tend to pop up more, sunset happy hours with co-workers, even insecurities driven by “beach bodies” and perfection. It is really not that uncommon for the inklings of an addiction (or perhaps a slight relapse) to occur during this time of year.


What we always emphasize at Iris Healing Retreat is that you are not alone if you are experiencing this issues. And there is certainly nothing wrong with you if you found yourself “slipping” over the past few months. All that we recommend during this seasonal change is to take a second and make sure that you are still in control.


Fall too can be a time when addiction situations move towards a downward spiral. As we slowly creep into the holidays and times of staying indoors, it may become easier and easier to give in to increasing cravings.


Let’s take a moment and look closer into the cosmic implications of this new season. Listen to what your body may be telling you as we progress deeper into September. Autumn is the time in which nature’s alchemy of purification is most evident. This is when fruits begin falling off trees, leaves turn to brown and nature begins to shed its beauty.


That is the exterior, of course. What we can’t see is the inward focus these elements take. As the tree rids itself of its flourishes, it begins the first steps in regenerating its essence. Truly the cycle of life.


What does this mean? Basically that Autumn is a time of transformation. Take those thoughts and sit with them a bit as you reflect on your wellness during this time of year. Picture yourself ridding your body of the toxic elements, focusing inward and regenerating yourself before the end of the year.


Iris Healing Retreat can certainly help you on this journey and we encourage anyone coming to terms with an addiction to reach out to us. Listen to your body and to the elements around you, then take action to make that positive change.