It is estimated that 12 – 15% of all physicians and nurses will experience some type of substance abuse at some point during their career, and with easy access to prescriptions and medications in a medical office, other non-medical staff may also be at risk. In this interview from Dr. Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD, Founder and CEO of Iris Healing Retreat Addiction Treatment Center in Woodland Hills, California, Aesthetic Insider™ Radio delves into the dark side of pain killers, and how it can affect office staff, medical staff and ultimately patients. Iris Healing Retreat has a distinct path to recovery with doctorate level clinical and addition specialists that offer detox from drugs and alcohol, cognitive behavioral therapy programs, 12 step programs and more. This interview will help physicians learn how they can avoid drug and alcohol abuse at their practice, and what actions they can take should a problem occur. To learn more about Iris Healing Retreat, visit