Oregon Rehab Facilities Offer Hope

oregon rehab facilities
Oregon rehab facilities — or inpatient addiction treatment centers — offer the hope of life-long recovery for patients suffering from substance abuse. From alcohol to recreational drugs to prescription drugs, addiction is a powerful condition that requires a comprehensive and long-term treatment plan.

For family and friends of addicts, providing support can be difficult. One of the most important ways of providing support is to encourage their loved ones to get professional help. If a drug addiction is coupled with other conditions, such as depression or bipolar disease, a specialized drug treatment facility in Oregon or beyond is often the only viable solution.

Whether you are considering Oregon Rehab Facilities or drug addiction centers in other states, it is important to perform thorough research about the facilities.

Top Rehab Facilities Offer A Comprehensive Approach

Oregon rehab facilities offer a comfortable and peaceful environment, often in a serene nature setting. The vast expanses of natural beauty of Oregon create a beautiful and private setting for a rehab facility. In addition, rehab facilities may offer the following:

Physical and Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment Recommendations
Psychiatric Evaluations from a Licensed Clinician
Personal Development through Workshops or Presentations
Relapse Prevention and Continuing Care Planning
Yoga and Mindfulness
Sober Fun Activities
Self-Help Support Groups (AA/NA)
Group Therapy

To get a complete picture of what your loved one’s stay will include, ask to see a sample schedule when calling or emailing the facility.

Considering Out-Of-State Alternatives to Oregon Rehab Facilities

If your loved one suffers from addiction, you need guidance.  The choices of inpatient treatment centers or detox centers may feel overwhelming. While many Oregon rehab facilities offer a variety of amenities and treatment choices, you may want to also consider researching licensed drug treatment centers located in a different state.

Why go out of state for addiction treatment? Oregon rehab facilities may not be 100% effective, despite the best effort and top quality of care, without a removal from environment or triggers. Sometimes getting help in different state offers the best chance for a lifelong recovery. Some addicts find that removing themselves from the environment where they developed addiction is key to a complete and lifelong recovery. Receiving a fresh start, away from the immediate community, is often beneficial.

If you are considering Oregon rehab facilities for yourself of your loved one, our compassionate inpatient rehab center in Woodland Hills, California may be a better choice. Located just a short flight from Oregon, Southern California is very convenient for out-of-state travelers. Additionally, staying in the greater Los Angeles area allows for access to a myriad outdoor activities. No state offers more choices than California when it comes to sober fun activities. From horseback riding to meditation, rehab facilities in California offer many options that complement the recovery process.

Our Iris Healing Retreat, conveniently located in Woodland Hills, California, is proud to provide all of the comforts of home, plus special features that could only be found at a world-class facility.  A boutique, coed rehab facility, Iris Healing Retreat greets every guest with individual attention. Our rehab facility features a Feng Shui sacral space ensuring a balance in energy from all 5 elements of the Universe. This is just one of many details and principles that form the cornerstone of our compassion-based treatment philosophy.

Iris Healing Retreat is designed to create an ideal recovery environment. Guests from anywhere in the world will feel comfortable and supported from the moment the enter the facility. When searching for rehab facilities in Oregon and beyond, we hope you will consider Iris Healing Retreat. Contact us to learn more – we are here 24/7 to answer your questions confidentially at (844) ONE – IRIS or (844) 663 – 4747.