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Healing and Recovery with Trauma Recovery Programs

Many of us may have experienced trauma, forcing us into a predicament that can often leave us struggling with unwanted emotions or visions of the event. While some may try to cope with it by withdrawing into society, others may have mood swings and become anxious in crowds. Others may try to drown out the unwanted feelings with drugs or alcohol. However you have reacted to trauma, we believe that it is important for you to seek assistance with the right healing and recovery programs designed to address the long-term effects of trauma.

Trauma Recovery Programs

When you come into one of the Iris Healing® programs, you may not realize that you need assistance with longer term problems. We can offer you a variety of different modes of therapy which will allow you to slowly uncover your issues, and the trauma behind your current behavior. For example, we know that many people who are diagnosed with addiction also face problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety. Therefore, we believe that in order to resolve your addiction or dependence condition, it is necessary to first discover and address the trauma that lies behind your substance abuse problems. That’s why our trauma recovery program stands above the rest.
trauma recovery programs

Focusing on Trauma

Just as the initial effects of trauma may not occur until many years after the event, so it is important to recognize that the cure of your trauma will not happen overnight. Trauma can be very hard to overcome, and substance abuse may make the condition harder to work through. However, we believe that it is important to understand that you can successfully overcome these issues by working with our teams and focusing on your recovery and having access to evidence based treatments such as Brainspotting and Neurofeedback. By focusing on your trauma, you have a better chance of full recovery than if you were to solely work on substance abuse problems.

Healing and Recovery at Iris

Healing Recovery Programs
Our healing recovery programs can allow you to achieve more than standard rehabilitation. By working with us to heal trauma, you can have a real chance of resolving your substance abuse and emotional problems. It is never too late to start on the path of recovery, and we can help you with whatever is causing you issues. To start working on your trauma problems today, contact us now or call us on (855) 822-6405.