a trauma recovery retreat

Treat Your Addiction Problems at a Trauma Recovery Retreat

A growing number of people in the US are being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and associated addictions. People who suffer trauma, or witness a traumatic event, tend to be unable to express their emotions fully. They may become withdrawn or suffer from mood swings. Many turn to drugs in order to suppress their response to trauma. If the basic PTSD is not treated then relapse is common. To avoid wasting money on an addiction therapy that doesn’t address the PTSD you should focus upon finding a trauma recovery retreat that can help you to address both issues at once.

trauma recovery retreat

A Multiple Model of Therapy

Traditional addiction treatment centers tend to have a single model of therapy, which revolves around prescription medications and clinical treatments. While there may be some attempt at talking therapies or group sessions, the main focus is upon removing the condition of addiction. They also address other mental health issues are commonly ignored. Unlike these programs, we believe in addressing all of the problems that our clients suffer from. This includes substance abuse and PTSD, whether the latter condition has been the trigger for their addiction, or has come about due to the long-term effects of drug use.

Holistic Therapy and Opening Up

The resolution of trauma is not a speedy process. And we think that a holistic treatment method can form the right sort of environment for recovery. This is crucial for the development of healthy emotional expression. As trauma can be very resistant to expression, we think that trying a trauma recovery retreat can encourage communication can break down the barriers between you and your recovery process, encouraging healing and reducing the tendency to relapse.

Holistic Therapy for PTSD

We are sensitive to the issues surrounding PTSD and victims of trauma, and by attending a trauma recovery retreat program, you can start to understand your feelings, and resolve both your trauma and addiction. Iris Healing Retreat can allow you to overcome your addiction. We will with you to alleviate the suffering caused by trauma. We believe that our holistic therapy sessions. They are focused on changing the chemistry of the body to break the chains of addiction. This can be the first step in resolving your PTSD and addiction. To make a start, call us on (844) 663-4747 today.