Facing Depression: Clearing Your Mind Of Dark Thoughts

iris 08/17/17

We have spoken before about the importance of mental health and how addiction can take people’s minds to some very dark places. Depression happens to be one of the worst components of a dependency and, often times, people are under a false assumption that “using” can somehow rid their brain of negative thoughts. Never let…

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As Featured in Keys to Recovery Magazine: A Spoonful of Compassion

iris 08/14/17

When emerging on the other side of a traumatic event, a life-altering decision, or prolonged stress, people often cite the empathy they received from others as a central factor in effective coping and recovery. But what exactly is empathy? When it comes to recovery from a difficult injury, illness, or addiction, how big of a…

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Dual Diagnosis – Making Peace With More Than One Issue

iris 08/11/17

As you learn more about the world of recovery, one term that will pop up frequently is “dual diagnosis.” This is a relatively new practice in our field (begun in the mid 1990’s), but an extremely important one that can trace the root of an addiction. Dual diagnoses is a practice we specialize in at…

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Addiction, Eating and Mental Healing

iris 08/03/17

A successful recovery involves cleansing both the mind and body. Overcoming the mental component can be worked through with therapies, meditation and open dialogues. But what about the physical healing? Yes practices like detox are the logical first step, but to truly rid your body of the toxins brought on by addiction a dopamine boosting diet…

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Good Vibrations

iris 06/17/17

Iris Healing Retreat is about a stone’s throw away from Topanga Canyon with its streams, waterfalls, mountains and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, San Fernando Valley and downtown Los Angeles. Hippy central in the 1960s, Topanga still retains a bohemian atmosphere with art galleries, performing arts spaces, music and film festivals and is also…

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Iris: Good Trips Only

iris 06/10/17

After a morning meditation, after an inspired meal created by our chef, after individual, group, family, art, movement or yoga therapy… it’s probably time to go on a field trip. Last week Iris residents walked in Lake Balboa Park, participated in equestrian therapy in Malibu and toured the world famous Getty Villa. Part of the…

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Iris Hits the Road to the Japanese Garden

iris 03/24/17

One of the unique attributes of Iris Healing Retreat is that we believe in doing the hard work of recovery in uplifting and enriching settings on a regular basis. So it was that last week Iris residents made a field trip to the beautiful Japanese Garden, adjacent to Lake Balboa. The garden’s purpose is to…

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