Trauma Healing Retreat using Experiential Therapy to Combat Addiction

Iris Healing Retreat 06/14/19
trauma healing retreat

If you’ve read our blogs for any length of time, you know that something we pride ourselves on here at the Iris Healing Retreat is the sheer number of therapy modalities we offer. When you come to us, no matter your addiction, one of our professionals sits down with you and figures out the right…

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Healing Retreat Centers: Further Signs of Addiction

Iris Healing Retreat 06/07/19
healing retreat centers

We know that people addicted to different drugs may show other signs of addiction. In this blog, we’ve cataloged some other signs of addiction to be watchful for. As with any mention of signs of addiction, you want to be careful not to view them in a vacuum. A person who is not addicted may…

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Brainspotting Therapy as Trauma Healing

Iris Healing Retreat 05/31/19
brainspotting therapy

The body stores more than we expect–it can hold on to memories we thought we stowed away in the archives, or attempted to hide. We may try to forget these memories, or disregard the suspicion that something is bothering us, by turning to drugs or alcohol. Yet our body may be communicating the why, the…

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Healing Retreat in California with Nutrition

Iris Healing Retreat 05/24/19
healing retreat in California

Getting help is a big deal. Admitting to having an addictive pattern and trusting yourself and others to help overcome the addiction is not easy. Once you are here, ready to get treatment and to make changes, it can be a whirlwind of emotions–ranging from excitement to fear. That is why it is important to…

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Substance Abuse Recovery and Experiential Therapy

Iris Healing Retreat 05/17/19
substance abuse recovery

Imagine doing a hobby you love, or loved, as a means to recover from your substance habit–it can be a twofold benefit. While a 12-step program is beneficial to many, it is not for everyone. Some people may need alternative long-term solutions. Experiential therapy is a diverse modality that can assist people of different personalities,…

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Detox Treatment with Opioids in America

Iris Healing Retreat 05/10/19
detox treatment

What is an opioid An opioid is a group of strong painkiller drugs derived from a plant or synthetically ingredients made in a lab. The drug interacts with opioid receptors in the cells and releases signals that mute the perception of pain and rather release the feeling of pleasure. This can influence addiction or can…

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nikitos 05/08/19
substance abuse disorder

Most people who suffer from substance abuse disorder have dealt with some form of trauma in their lives, be it: childhood trauma, physical or emotional abuse, PTSD, rape, neglect, homelessness, and more ad nauseum. These traumas may not be necessarily the cause of the substance abuse disorder, but it is most definitely a mitigating factor…

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nikitos 05/03/19

When one considers a detox/residential program facility, one is not far off the mark when imagining the same therapy modalities common throughout medical detox, educational and therapeutic groups, one on one counseling, therapy, and experiential groups. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this model, but more and more facilities are implementing other therapeutic methods to…

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Brainspotting Exercises

Iris Healing Retreat 04/22/19
brainspotting therapy

Brainspotting  (BSP) is becoming more and more common in drug and alcohol detox programs as a tool to further address issues of the client in rehab as an extension to the usual treatment modalities. So, what exactly is brainspotting? “Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing, and releasing core neurophysiological…

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Rehab Instead of Jail Time

Iris Healing Retreat 04/13/19
Rehab Instead of Jail time

Every twelve-stepper has heard the adage addiction will end with “jail. Institutions, or death” According to Thaddeus Camlin, PsyD. in his article: Jails, Institutions, and Death: Did 12-step Programs Get it Wrong, he claimed: “it is an inarguable fact that most people try drugs (86% try alcohol) and most who try drugs do not end…

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