Continuing The Recovery Journey With Outpatient Programs

nikitos 09/21/18
Outpatient Programs

Recovery is a lifelong process and one that benefits greatly from ongoing support. Completing a residential treatment program is the essential first step, but that is not where the journey typically ends. For many, healing and wellness can also be found through Outpatient Programs; which continue to work on issues like trauma resolution, self-care and personal development….

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The Healthiest Alcohol Detox Program

nikitos 09/13/18
healthiest alcohol detox program

With countless alcohol detox programs available it can be an overwhelming process to find the one that is an ideal fit. While researching for the healthiest alcohol detox program it is important to take the time to find a place and community that will not only support clients break the cycle of addiction but also…

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The Evolution of Neurofeedback

nikitos 08/22/18
PTSD and Addiction

Overcoming addiction can be a daunting feat and for generations, there has been a traditional set of tools to treat these issues. While therapy or detox can be effective, a newer, transformative technique has been incorporated into the recovery process (and embraced by sites like Psychology Today). Some studies reveal that Neurofeedback can improve the rate…

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Facing Trauma During Treatment

nikitos 07/10/18

At Iris Healing Retreat, we understand how to treat trauma and can attest that most clients who seek help for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder have one of more traumas.  With the right set of tools and a caring, professional treatment staff in place, trauma can be healed. Certain modalities like neurofeedback and brainspotting…

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Overcome the Shadow of Trauma with Our Healing Recovery Programs

nikitos 06/29/18
Healing Recovery Programs

Many of us may have experienced trauma, forcing us into a predicament that can often leave us struggling with unwanted emotions or visions of the event. While some may try to cope with it by withdrawing into society, others may have mood swings and become anxious in crowds. Others may try to drown out the…

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Overcome Depression and Mental Disorders with Our Healing Retreat Centers

nikitos 06/22/18
Healing Retreat Centers

Depression is a serious problem faced by many, and if left untreated can worsen considerably over time until it becomes unbearable. It is not unusual for people with addiction to turn to other substances such as alcohol and drugs in order to repress their feelings, and often they find that addiction arrives to sit alongside…

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Alcohol Detox Programs Provide the First Steps Toward Recovery

nikitos 06/20/18

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism run rampant through our society today. Families and individuals caught up in alcohol problems face a great deal of stress, fear, and anger that they may not know how to deal with alone. The person dealing directly with the abuse may not even be aware of the damage they are causing…

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Try an Alternative Recovery with Spiritual Rehabilitation Retreats

nikitos 06/15/18
Spiritual Rehabilitation Retreats

Addicts often go through the recovery process several times without success before finding their way to lifelong recovery. We understand that those struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction are in a challenging place having to overcome something perceived as weakness whilst struggling with internal mental processes. We know that fighting addiction can feel like…

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