Sound Therapy Healing to Treat Insomnia

sound therapy healing

Missing out on a good night’s rest comes with a hefty pack of problems. It leaves you groggy, irritable, and impaired functionality. So, repeatedly missing out on sleep is less than ideal. Although it’s not as easy as simply commanding your body to go to sleep, there are ways to improve the consistency of your slumber. Holistic practices like sound therapy healing can be a powerful tool to treat insomnia.




Insomnia is the difficulty to fall asleep or the difficulty to stay asleep. Someone with insomnia persistently struggles with sleep and consistently doesn’t feel well-rested. It is shown to be linked to poor habits, lack of exercise, depression, anxiety, stress, illness, medication interactions, and drug use. For some people, it’s short-term while they ride out a wave of challenges in their lives. For others, it’s a long-term battle. The different types of insomnia include acute insomnia, chronic insomnia, comorbid insomnia, onset insomnia, and maintenance insomnia. Unfortunately, insomnia is all too common: over 3 million people in the US suffer from a type of insomnia per year.

sound therapy healing

A prevalent cause of insomnia is the widespread abuse of substances. Substances like nicotine and stimulants, ranging from caffeine to illegal uppers, can severely affect a person’s sleeping habits. Additionally, some people who have trouble sleeping because of mental health issues, stress, diet, and excessive use of technological devices turn to substances like opioids and alcohol to help them sleep. These substances, however, disturb sleep and thus perpetuate a cycle of insomnia.


How insomnia affects you


On a biological level, not having proper sleep can really damage our health. Research has shown that inconsistent and inadequate sleep can lead to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, immune dysfunction, and mood disorders. When the body doesn’t get enough sleep, it doesn’t have time to restore and rejuvenate itself. While it’s unknown why all animals require sleep, it’s believed that the brain reenergizes itself and releases whatever is toxic. Organs and the immune system also repair themselves during sleep. On a social level, insomnia can affect our efficiency, perception, wellbeing, relationships, and credibility. For example, lack of sleep reduces our ability to exercise good judgment when faced with difficult decisions. It can also have an impact on how we interact and treat people. Additionally, insomnia can affect our motor skills, risking accidents.


Sound therapy healing


Sound healing is a type of therapy that consists of specific sounds that create vibrations in the brain and body. The binaural beats produced by voice or instruments alter brain waves so that a person can relax and sleep. This music therapy, accompanied by traditional talk therapy, has been shown to be more effective than prescription drugs and has been reported to help treat insomnia in substance abuse rehabilitation programs.


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