A Spiritual Rehabilitation Retreat

A spiritual rehabilitation retreat is open to any and everyone who’s willing to step away from constant stimuli in order to establish growth within themselves. The spirit, body and mind are all in conversation with each other, especially when struggling with a substance dependence. Working to strengthen one side also works wonders for the others. Visiting a healing retreat center like Iris Healing Retreat would be a way to reward yourself and your mind if you are overcoming or battling addiction.

Iris Healing Retreat Accommodates You

When you have a team of professionals ready to welcome you with open arms, there is no need to go-it-alone. There are those who prefer to tackle their struggles on their own, but another way to find a new, healthy you is with support. A spiritual rehabilitation retreat is in reach with our facility. Call it a home away from home while you pick yourself back up and prepare to reintegrate back into the world.

A Spiritual Rehabilitation Retreat

Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment Programs

Both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs are available to you throughout your journey. Iris Healing Retreat provides addiction counseling and other alternative therapies according to your wants and needs. Our outpatient program allows you to visit on a regular basis while maintaining your personal life outside of rehab. Inpatient treatment provides a daily schedule for a more consistent approach. We are open to your preferences and believe in your spiritual growth, no matter how you choose to receive treatment. The Iris Healing Retreat is supportive of your personal growth.

Compassionate Los Angeles Rehab Center

If you are seeking more information about our Los Angeles rehab center you can contact Iris Healing Retreat by calling (855) 822-6405. The answers to your questions are readily available to you. Our team is prepared to help you reestablish a stronger relationship with yourself and those around you.