Trauma Healing Retreats: Finally Get Treated from Your Violent Past

Trauma Healing Retreats: Finally Get Treated from Your Violent Past

Iris Healing Retreat 02/07/20
trauma healing retreats

One of the challenges for trauma healing retreats today; is the reluctance of people who have experienced trauma to seek out help. They simply want to avoid reliving the event. They want to forget about it and move on.  However, as evidence-based research shows, attempting to shut off the feelings of the trauma will only…

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Neurofeedback Therapy in Los Angeles: Improve your Brain.

Iris Healing Retreat 12/02/19
neurofeedback therapy in los angeles

How many times have you thought: “I just made a bad decision… why did I do that?” You might ruminate on how you could’ve made this seemingly poor choice, you could retrace your steps, so to speak, you could write out everything you were thinking at the time and so forth… and while that all…

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A Healing Recovery Truly is Possible

Iris Healing Retreat 10/15/19
healing recovery

Addiction makes essentially everything in life more difficult. Work, family, social situations, interpersonal relationships – anything and everything becomes so much harder when you’re dealing with an addiction. It is also difficult to have hope. It can seem like there’s no way out, that the cycle of addiction will perpetuate. However, here at the Iris…

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Sound Therapy Healing to Keep Anxiety and Depression at Bay

Iris Healing Retreat 10/05/19
sound therapy healing

Plato once said, “music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything”. For centuries, sound, including music, has been used for ceremonies, communication, and celebrations. As far as we can trace back, sound has been an integral part of our collective human culture–often thought to…

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Mental Health Retreat Centers: Thinking Outside the Box

Iris Healing Retreat 09/10/19
mental health retreat centers

The term “thinking outside the box” might be the oldest cliché used for “thinking creatively.” Over the years, our experience has shown us how important that is for treating our patients’ addictions. Everyone’s addiction is different. No two situations, addictions, underlying traumas, lives or anything else is the same. So, just using the same therapies…

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EAP Therapy at our Trauma Healing Retreat

Iris Healing Retreat 09/05/19
trauma healing retreat

Some people respond to therapeutic methods better than others. At some facilities, there is only one kind of therapy such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or perhaps it’s something else, but that’s the only option. The method may be very successful for some, but it could also keep others from getting the help that they’re…

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Trauma Healing Retreat to Help You Feel Safe Again

Iris Healing Retreat 07/19/19
Trauma Healing Retreat

Our trauma healing retreat will guide you in your journey to complete the healing process while you transform your mind body and soul. When it comes to dealing with our trauma, our specialists will create a personalized treatment method to help get a complete recovery.  The Effects of Trauma  Trauma can freeze any devastating moment…

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Trauma Healing Retreat using Experiential Therapy to Combat Addiction

Iris Healing Retreat 06/14/19
trauma healing retreat

If you’ve read our blogs for any length of time, you know that something we pride ourselves on here at the Iris Healing Retreat is the sheer number of therapy modalities we offer. When you come to us, no matter your addiction, one of our professionals sits down with you and figures out the right…

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Healing Retreat in California with Nutrition

Iris Healing Retreat 05/24/19
healing retreat in California

Getting help is a big deal. Admitting to having an addictive pattern and trusting yourself and others to help overcome the addiction is not easy. Once you are here, ready to get treatment and to make changes, it can be a whirlwind of emotions–ranging from excitement to fear. That is why it is important to…

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Facing Trauma During Treatment

nikitos 07/10/18

At Iris Healing Retreat, we understand how to treat trauma and can attest that most clients who seek help for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder have one of more traumas.  With the right set of tools and a caring, professional treatment staff in place, trauma can be healed. Certain modalities like neurofeedback and brainspotting…

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