healthiest alcohol detox program

With countless alcohol detox programs available it can be an overwhelming process to find the one that is an ideal fit. While researching for the healthiest alcohol detox program it is important to take the time to find a place and community that will not only support clients break the cycle of addiction but also aid in resolving underlying issues and trauma that contributed to the addiction in the first place.

Our Healthiest Alcohol Detox Program

For some, an alcohol detox program is absolutely necessary in facilitating a successful road to recovery. At Iris Healing Retreat, a doctoral level clinical team facilitates a tailored trauma-informed program that emphasizes recovery, trauma resolution, spiritual growth, self-care and personal development. One of the keys to success at our alcohol detox program is how our treatment is altered per individual. A highly experienced staff and medical assistance are present around the clock. The center offers various treatment modalities including individual therapy, brain spotting, neurofeedback, meditation as well as a holistic approach towards sustained recovery. Invested in the success of our clients, the team pools together years of experience to support and create an individualized plan for those recovering from addiction and past trauma.

healthiest alcohol detox program


The Promise of Safety

While there are countless challenges whilst battling addiction, one of the hardest aspects is facing triggers that ignite the desire to pursue destructive habits. We understand that relationships, career, family dynamics and several other factors contribute to being triggered. We have created a peaceful environment here free of those elements to support the detox and recovery process and more importantly empower clients to learn how to overcome those same triggers once they are on the other side of the process.

Top Holistic Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Our team at Iris believes in modeling and teaching empathy, creating a healthy lifestyle, and cultivating meaningful connections. We have one of the healthiest alcohol detox program that supports clients in discovering their true spiritual self, empowering them with tools that create a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life at Iris and beyond. To find out more, or to ask any questions that you might have, give us a call at (818) 436-2646 or head to our website.