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In truth, there may be no genuine benefits to holistic depression treatment centers, but an over-reliance on medication doesn’t work either, so why rule out a holistic route? Nobody is saying you have to drink elm tea and meditate in front of candles; you simply have to explore the idea that anti-depressants are not your only route to success. In fact, the overuse of anti-depressants could be one of the reasons why so many people stay stuck in cycles of depression for their entire lives. Nobody is saying that anti-depression medications are always bad, but you need to be open to the idea that anti-depressants may not be the tool you need to overcome your depression.


Medication May Help At First

There are plenty of studies and experts who claim that medication doesn’t help or fix depression, and while they may have a point, there are some very real and positive benefits to medication. The biggest benefits usually happen near the beginning.


The point when people seek help for depression is often at their lowest point. Very rarely will people walk into their doctors when they are enduring the slide into depression. People ask for help when they are very low, and this is when medication may help. It gives people a springboard from rock bottom. It helps people reach a more even/okay state a little more quickly. However, that is often where the benefits of anti-depressants end. They may help you get off the bottom rung of depression, but there is no guarantee they will help you reach the top (or even the middle) of depression’s ladder.


Medication Makes You Even/Neutral, It Does Not Make You Better

Again, nobody is saying that the approach taken by a holistic depression treatment center will work for you, but you need to consider it and you need to fight the urge to rely on medication for the rest of your life. At some point, you need to come off the medication in order to fully heal. There is going to come a time when the medication doesn’t make you feel better, it just makes you feel even/average, and that is all that medication offers to most people.

top holistic depression treatment centers

Some people have very nasty depressive episodes where they get so low that they feel like they are in hell. Medication helps avoid getting that low, but it also helps people avoid feeling life’s highs. It puts you in a sort of limbo where you cannot be desperately unhappy, and you cannot be ecstatically happy. This is great for people who are frequently very low but is not so great for people who are healing and who occasionally have good days.


If you have reached a stage in your life where you are able to have good days, then it doesn’t mean you are no longer depressed, but it does mean you are ready to try new things. It may be time to come off your medication and try a holistic approach. Alternatively, you may try a religious approach, or you may even try taking up a cause. No matter what your next step is, you will need to come away from the medication at some point, and some people feel that moving from a medication method to a holistic method is a safe stepping stone towards being free from depression.


Using Holistic Depression Treatment Centers to Fulfill Under-Served Elements

There are several reasons why you are depressed, and the awful truth is that many of these reasons feed into each other and become a vicious cycle. For example, some people start becoming depressed because they cannot sleep, which makes them depressed, which makes it harder for them to sleep, and so on.


Other people start becoming depressed and so start eating. Their poor diet, lack of exercise, and weight gain ends up making them more depressed. They then feel worse, so they eat more, exercise less, and so on. It becomes a nasty depressive cycle.


Another example is how depression makes people isolate themselves, but humans need human interaction, so the act of isolation makes people more depressed, which makes them isolate themselves more, and so on.


There are “Under-Served Elements” in your life need to be serviced correctly. As you can see from the examples above, getting enough sleep is an element because people who get enough sleep are more resistant to depression. Human interaction, proper diet, exercise, etc. are also elements, and depression makes elements in your life a little harder to service. However, just a few baby steps in the right direction may help your recovery.


For example, deciding to sleep in different places and take naps in the day helps some people get more sleep, which then makes them a little less depressed so that they do not over eat, and their ability to moderate their food intake makes them feel a little better physically so that they do not object so hard to doing a little exercise. What elements in your life are not being served correctly, and what can you do to change? Would a holistic approach help you find a little more intellectual calm, or maybe help you service the social element in your life?