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Drug Rehab Aftercare in Woodland Hills

Drug Rehab Aftercare in Woodland Hills

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Iris Healing® Center is working to offer a range of aftercare services to our clientele for the best transition between treatment and independent living. From a patient’s first day, case management needs are assessed and tracked to approach potential barriers in employment, education, life skills and development, occupational training, long-term housing, and financial management. Our goal at Iris Healing® is to be a leader in providing drug rehab aftercare in Woodland Hills.

What is Aftercare?

Recovering from addiction is a multi-step process, and the recovery journey does not stop after someone has left rehabilitation. Even after a person has rid their body of addictive substances, they need ongoing support to maintain sobriety and prevent relapsing.

This is why aftercare is a critical step in the recovery process. Aftercare refers to the type of care programs that a person can experience after they’ve achieved sobriety and gone through rehabilitation. Aftercare is structured to help people avoid relapse and work towards restoring their life goals and a healthy, productive lifestyle.

The Various Forms of Aftercare

Aftercare programs can appear in a variety of forms, and they are often based on an individual’s specific needs and goals. Aftercare plans may include moving to a sober living home, participating in a treatment clinic’s alumni program, attending counseling sessions, or attending recovery meetings.

Our Aftercare Blueprint for Success (ABS)

  • Free assistance for birth certificates, Social Security cards, and identification
  • Free assistance with transportation
  • Free non-credit life skills and development classes with completion certificates from Pierce College
  • Assistance with college enrollment, transcript evaluation, and educational planning
  • Paid occupational training programs and apprenticeships
  • Assistance with employment referral, resume building, mock interviews, and career guidance counseling
  • Employment readiness assistance: interview and work clothing
  • Tattoo removal program
  • Criminal record expungement program
  • Assistance with all governmental applications

Let Iris Healing® Help You Find Aftercare Options

At Iris Healing®, we have partnered with various local agencies to help our clients find continuous care. We partner with several outside organizations for community and life integration services such as housing arrangements, job placement, educational programs, vocational training, and more.

Ongoing Mental Health Treatment

Proper mental health requires ongoing support, and we want to ensure that you receive the best resources to maintain your mental health, thereby helping you avoid relapse and fulfill a happy lifestyle. Our team can provide you with ongoing therapy recommendations and connections to support groups.

Employment Assistance

We can connect you to employment assistance programs that provide free access to resources such as employment leads, job training workshops, resume assistance, access to computers, printers, and other technologies needed for job applications, job fairs, and more.

Sober Living Arrangements

For some individuals, it can be challenging to go back to the living situation they were in before attending rehabilitation. Putting yourself back in that type of environment may lead to triggering situations and cause someone to relapse. As such, we can help you find sober living arrangements to best suit your needs and help you continue down a steady path of sobriety.

Educational Programs

Addiction does not have to strip away your right to an education. Whether you are looking to earn a degree or taking labor classes for career development, we can connect you with various programs that suit your needs.

We can help link you up with specialty certification classes including:

  • Community Health Worker certificate from Pierce College
  • Financial Management Part 1 and 2 certificates from Pierce College
  • Life Skills & Development certificate from Pierce College
  • Anger Management/ NAMA certificate from Iris Healing® Center

Support Groups and Counseling Sessions

A person needs to feel supported and cared for as they continue down the road to recovery. Counseling sessions are beneficial even after someone has left rehabilitation, and we can help you find individual or group counseling sessions. We can also help you find support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Codependent Anonymous, Al-Anon, and others.

If you or someone you know is in need of drug rehab aftercare in Woodland Hills, contact Iris Healing®.