What Makes Our Addiction Treatment Center Different

Our mission is to create a better world through empathy and spirituality.

We believe each client is unique in their own way and recognize that everyone has a distinct path to recovery. Our Doctorate level clinical and addiction specialists team is hired for their years of experience and compassionate capabilities, which offers thought-provoking groups and individual therapy that enables each client to develop a tolerance for all feelings.

Our vision is of a world in which every person enjoys a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. We strive to facilitate change that results in long lasting recovery. We offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in both group and individual settings. The process assists clients in identifying irrational thought patterns and maladaptive behaviors to restructure them into healthier thinking.


Iris Healing Retreat features all of the essential comforts of home along with additions that could only be found at a world-class facility.

Iris Healing Retreat features a Feng Shui sacral space designed by Liu,  a 4th generation of Feng Shui master. Our facility ensures a balance in energy from all 5 elements of the Universe throughout the property. Feng Shui composes of over 130 factors; adjustable and pre-determined. Adjustable factors such as those that make up a business or workplace can come together to make a particular energy field that can affect the success of your business and how you interact with others.

Iris Healing Retreat is designed so that Feng Shui factors form together to create a harmonic balance ideal for healing. Our facility is decorated in a way that promotes positive energy; from lighting, to the choice of vegetation. All elements have been carefully considered to create the ultimate healing retreat for you or your loved one.


Sample Daily Schedule

Click here to view a sample schedule of what a day in the life is like at Iris Healing Retreat.