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Alana Cardinal

Alana Cardinal - Iris Healing®

Alana Cardinal

Alana Cardinal began her journey to recovery at Iris Healing® in June of 2018 and has since been an active member in the field of substance abuse treatment.
Shortly after her transition into sober living, she began managing a women’s recovery home for one year and began working in residential treatment immediately after.
Working in substance abuse and mental health treatment has truly proven to be where she flourishes and can be most useful to people from her direct experience and application. Alana currently attends Los Angeles Pierce College and hopes to transfer to UCLA next Fall in pursuit of a degree in Psychology.
As case manager at Iris, Alana inspires and guides clients to reach their true potential and prepares them to face life challenges in a way that best aligns them for success in long-term recovery.

In the community, she devotes time to twelve-step fellowship and spiritual guidance to others through personal experience. She deeply believes in the power of holistic healing, trauma therapy, and simply the impact of one person lending a hand or an ear to another.

In her spare time, she sponsors women in recovery, and has a close relationship with nature through outside meditation and hiking.
Family is also a key element in her life through relationships and connection in all aspects, especially with her pet rabbit, Benny! Throughout her personal journey through adversity, Alana shares a unique strength and relatability for anyone facing life’s challenges with her passion for positivity and excitement for healthy living.
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