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Dr. Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD

Founder, CEO and Iris Ambassador

Dr. Elena Kapustina found her true calling and completed her PsyD in Clinical Psychology after earning her MBA and spending years working as the CFO for major corporations. She founded Iris Healing to holistically work with dual diagnosis patients in order to create a more sustainable recovery. From managing 1,000 employees to creating a top of the line treatment center, Dr. Kapustina harnesses her passion to create positive experiences for others.

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Dr. Christian Vincent, Ph.D.

Christian Vincent, Ph.D.

Clinical Director

Dr. Christian Vincent has a passion for the treatment of trauma and dissociative disorders. Her clinical work is informed by an extensive knowledge of depth psychology, where soul and psyche come together for deep healing and transformation. She received a Masters in Counseling Psychology and Doctorate in Depth Psychology with specialization in psychotherapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her areas of research include dissociative identity disorder, complicated grief, and the demon lover complex.

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Beata Lundeen

Beata Lundeen

Consulting Spiritual Director

Beata Lundeen has spent 40 years in the field of professional addiction treatment services as a nurse, interventionist and business development specialist. After experiencing her own spiritual transformation through years of one-to-one professional Spiritual Direction, Beata graduated from Stillpoint, an accredited school of Spiritual Direction. She now guides others in the process of spiritual growth, intentional practices, and personal discernment of life decisions.

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Dr. Daniel Hoffman

Dr. Daniel Hoffman

Primary Therapist

Dr. Daniel Hoffman is a Psychological Assistant and Primary Therapist at Iris Healing under the Supervision of Dr. Helene O’Mahony. He specializes in the treatment of trauma and anxiety, and has worked in the addiction field since 2011.

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Irina Kapustina

Irina Kapustina

Director of Operations

Irina Kapustina brings her wealth of experience to ensure the smooth daily operations for Iris Healing.

Before joining the Iris team, Irina had her own company that worked internationally and then spent several years working in a large corporation.

Irina is passionate about the healing work that happens at Iris Healing and she brings her business acumen as well as her compassion for clients in recovery with her every day.

Shannon Savage-Howie

Shannon Savage-Howie

Spiritual Advisor

Shannon Savage-Howie is a certified Spiritual Director and a certified SoulCollage® and labyrinth facilitator. It is her passion to connect people to a deeper, more meaningful understanding of self and life, particularly in regards to recovery. Shannon has more than 12 years of experience working with children, youth, and families. She lives in Ventura County with her husband and two young children.

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Scott Sanders

Program Coordinator at Iris Healing Center IOP

Scotty has been working in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment profession for the past 14 years. With a personal history of substance abuse and the many adversities that accompany the lifestyle, Scotty began to make a change in his life. Scotty attended and completed the Addiction Studies Program at Los Angeles Pierce College and is currently a member of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals and recognized as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II, with over 10,000 hours in the field.

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alex michaels

Alex Michaels

Group Facilitator

Alex got sober in August of 1982. After careers in the apparel industry and later as a licensed landscape contractor, he decided to retire and play guitar. Knowing he had many talents to offer the world, he was urged by his significant other to be of service in the recovery field. He enrolled at Pierce College in the Addiction Studies Program, and earned his certification. Soon therafter, he began working at Iris Healing in February of 2017. Alex loves facilitating groups and spending time with people eager for recovery.In his free time, Alex loves to golf, walk, and go to the gym.


DaMarcus L Morton – CRC

Group Facilitator

DaMarcus L. Morton graduated from the University of Akron in Ohio where he studied Sociology. He continued his studies in Los Angeles, California where he was trained in Addiction treatment. DaMarcus has served on the Training Advisory Board for Law & Ethics for Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Professionals in Seattle, Washington. In addition, he has been part of the Department of Social and Health Services in their Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse. DaMarcus has been actively involved with various Family Service programs where he has made tremendous impact with his knowledge of addiction and social awareness. He has a recovery coaching practice, MindSET for Recovery that works in conjunction with various treatment centers as well as treatment programs.


Alana Cardinal

Residential Advisor

Alana began her journey to recovery at Iris in June of 2018 and has since been an active member in the field of substance abuse treatment. Shortly after her transition into sober living, she began managing a women’s recovery home for one year and began working in residential treatment immediately after. Working in substance abuse and mental health treatment has truly proven to be where she flourishes and can be most useful to people from her direct experience and application. Alana currently attends Los Angeles Pierce College and hopes to transfer to UCLA next Fall in pursuit of a degree in Psychology.

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michel k

Michelle Kunzellmann

Neurofeedback Specialist/Trainer

Michelle believes that neuroscience is at the center of healing. While training to become certified she experienced her own transformation and at that time she knew she had found her life’s passion. Because of her own struggle with Depression, Trauma, and complicated reactions to medications she prefers a natural approach to healing. Michelle’s favorite quote is “every brain deserves this chance”. She begins each day eager to help others, and with gratitude for the healing in her own life. Michelle has worked extensively with developmental trauma survivors and with clients who suffer chronic emotion dysregulation, as well as co-occurring eating and substance use disorders. Her focus is in helping those new to Neurofeedback to understand the process, benefits, and ensuring that they feel safe as they begin their journey. She also emphasizes the importance educating clients about brain health as they continue with treatment.


Janine Fox

Group Facilitator – Animal Therapy

Janine Fox has been a State Licensed counselor in both the mental health and drug and alcohol recovery field since 2004. She held the position of Clinical Director and Program Coordinator in two residential treatment facilities from 2005-2017. Janine has a broad range of skills including individual, group, and family recovery counseling. In the last three years Janine has brought an innovative recovery modality to the treatment setting named The Healing Hounds. This organic process group consists of Janine’s three emotional support dogs and a therapy bunny named Thumper.

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Anita Kaplan, LCSW


Anita Kaplan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from The University of Arizona in 2000 and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Southern California in 2002. She graduated with Honors and was a part of an Honors Psychology organization called Psi Chi.

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