Reprogramming Trauma Workshop

January 18, 2018 @ 10:00am – 6:00pm

Understanding a traumatic experience cognitively isn’t always enough to heal trauma.

In this powerful 2 day seminar you will learn how to access traumatic memories in a language they were recorded as well as how to reprogram them through authentic communication and attunement to the body within a safe container.

This seminar is an introductory workshop into Relational Somatic (Body Oriented) Therapy with a focus on how to work with trauma through the body. You will learn:

1. The Principles of Relational Somatic Psychology
2. How trauma is stored in the body and how to access implicit memories through the body
3. The relational aspect of healing trauma
4. To Understand Reconsolidation (rewiring process) and how to Reprogram Traumatic Memories
5. The role of Authentic Communication
6. Attunement and Self-Regulation exercises *There will be a demonstration of an actual RST session along with guided practice exercises.

Cost is $150 per day or $250 for both days. Open to all – We are honored to share this transformative work with you!


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