What is the Timeline for Alcohol Detox Treatment?

Iris Healing Retreat 01/10/20
sound therapy healing

Alcohol detox is the first step to recovery by removing toxins (alcohol) from the body. During this time, people will experience various withdrawal symptoms including fatigue, tremors and confusion. This process can be painful at times and potentially dangerous, and that’s why it’s strongly recommended to be under the care of medical professionals during the…

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Neurofeedback in Los Angeles to Improve Your Brain

Iris Healing Retreat 12/02/19
neurofeedback therapy in los angeles

To understand the importance of using Neurofeedback in Los Angeles, consider the following… How many times have you thought, “I just made a bad decision. Why did I do that?” You might ruminate on how you could’ve made this seemingly poor choice, you could retrace your steps, so to speak, you could write out everything…

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Wellness Retreats for Depression After Divorce

Iris Healing Retreat 11/15/19
Healing After a Divorce Counseling Retreat

Divorce. The word looms over your relationship as you try to make sense of how you got to this point. Your best friend, partner-in-crime, and lover has departed from the person they were when you started dating. They’re deep in, unable to uphold their half in the relationship because they’re addicted to a substance. You’ve…

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Equine Therapy for PTSD and Addiction

Iris Healing Retreat 10/10/19
Equine Therapy for PTSD and Addiction

Have you heard about Equine Therapy for PTSD and Addiction? Perhaps you have exhausted yourself in an attempt to recover from your PTSD or addiction and now you are just tired. Traditional therapy has not helped you (or at least, not as much as you had hoped) and it may feel as though you have…

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Spirituality and Recovery

Iris Healing Retreat 08/05/19
Spirituality and Recovery

Living with addiction is complex. It is depleting — and sometimes feels defeating. Addiction takes us away from ourselves, our connection to people and the world around us. When we have an addiction, our attention becomes focused on scoring, using and feeding the addiction. It becomes the center of our lives. The only things and…

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Trauma Healing Center to Help You Feel Safe Again

Iris Healing Retreat 07/19/19
Trauma Healing Center in Los Angeles

Our addiction counseling center will guide you in your journey to complete the trauma healing process while you transform your mind, body, and soul. When it comes to dealing with trauma, our specialists will create a personalized treatment program to help you on your way to a complete recovery. The Effects of Trauma The effects…

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Substance Abuse and Nutrition for Healing Recovery

Iris Healing Retreat 06/28/19
healing recovery

Substance abuse and nutrition must be considered for optimal healing and recovery because there is a link between drugs, alcohol and an unhealthy diet. Off the top of your head, you may be able to mention several of the ways that one treats substance abuse: cognitive behavior therapy, twelve-step programs, and similar measures. One very…

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Brainspotting Therapy as Trauma Healing

Iris Healing Retreat 05/31/19
Brainspotting Therapy

Brainspotting Therapy as Trauma Healing is quickly becoming more common in drug and alcohol treatment programs as a tool to address the issues of trauma for patients while in recovery. It is also an excellent extension to the usual treatment modalities used for addiction and mental health recovery. The brain and body store more than we…

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Trauma: The Forgotten Partner of Substance Abuse Disorder

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 05/08/19
Trauma and Substance Abuse Disorder

It’s true that Trauma is the forgotten partner of substance abuse disorder. Most people who suffer from substance abuse disorder have dealt with some form of trauma in their lives, such as: Childhood trauma Physical abuse Emotional abuse PTSD Rape victims Neglect Homelessness and many more… These types of trauma may not necessarily be the…

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