Detoxing Off of Suboxone

Iris Healing Retreat 12/21/18
Detoxing Off of Suboxone

There are many ways to abstain from drugs and alcohol. One of the most recent advancements for recovery is through medication assisted treatment therapy with the use of medications like suboxone. While suboxone can be a lifesaving treatment option for opiate addicts prone to relapsing, the question still remains: what happens when person is detoxing…

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Free Brainspotting Group Consultation with Dr. Stephen LaMotte

Iris Healing Retreat 12/05/18
Free Brainspotting Group Consultation

December 5, 2018 at 9:00 am – 11:00 am Please join us for a complimentary Brainspotting Group Consultation with Dr. Stephen LaMotte. This will be held on the first Wednesday of every month. Brainspotting Therapy (BSP) is a powerful, brain-based, treatment modality that accesses the subcortical brain where unresolved traumatic experiences are stored. Identifying the…

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The Pros and Cons of Mental Health Retreat Centers

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 11/06/18
Mental Health Retreat Centers Near Me

It’s meaningful to know the Pros and Cons of Mental Health Retreat Centers because the phrase “mental health retreat centers” is not protected by the law, which is why each facility can differ so wildly. For example, there is a retreat center in the darkest corners of Europe where traumatized people are encouraged to feed…

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Continuing The Recovery Journey With Outpatient Programs

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 09/21/18
Outpatient Programs

The Recovery Journey is a lifelong process, and one that benefits greatly from ongoing support that can be found in Outpatient Programs. Completing a residential treatment program is the essential first step, but that is not where the journey typically ends. For many, healing and wellness can also be found through Outpatient Programs that continue to work…

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The Evolution of Neurofeedback

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 08/22/18
PTSD and Addiction

Overcoming addiction can be a daunting feat and for generations, there has been a traditional set of tools to treat these issues. While therapy or detox can be effective, a newer, transformative technique has been incorporated into the recovery process (and embraced by sites like Psychology Today). Some studies reveal that Neurofeedback can improve the rate…

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Healing and Recovery with Trauma Recovery Programs

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 06/29/18
Healing Recovery Programs

Many of us may have experienced trauma, forcing us into a predicament that can often leave us struggling with unwanted emotions or visions of the event. While some may try to cope with it by withdrawing into society, others may have mood swings and become anxious in crowds. Others may try to drown out the…

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Spiritual Rehabilitation as an Alternative Recovery Approach

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 06/15/18
Spiritual Rehabilitation Centers

Spiritual rehabilitation as an alternative recovery method has shown to be successful for drug and alcohol addiction. Addicts often go through the recovery process several times without success before finding their way to lifelong recovery. We understand that those struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction are in a challenging place having to overcome something…

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