Peace, Harmony & Silencing The Impulses

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 10/10/17
Peace, Harmony & Silencing The Impulses

Let’s face it, we live in a very fast-paced world. Los Angeles in particular feels like it moves a mile a minute and seems to thrive upon the concept of instant gratification. This makes it nearly impossible to sometimes find peace, harmony and a way of silencing the impulses. Now of course there is nothing…

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Mind/Body Healing Through Somatic Therapy

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 09/28/17
Somatic Therapy

If you’ve been following the updates from Iris Healing Retreat, then you’re probably aware that we take a different kind of approach to conquering addiction. Yes we make sure to incorporate all of the proper recovery methods, but we also have firm beliefs in holistic healing and out-of-the-box techniques that can help people overcome their struggles….

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Coming To Terms With Grief

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 09/19/17
Grief Counseling and Healing

What is at the root of addiction? It is a question that we get asked many times and unfortunately, there is no easy answer. The truth is, addiction can be a very individualistic experience that can be brought on by everything from genetics, to trauma, to the pressures of modern-day life. One common thread that…

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Iris Healing Virtual Tour Video

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 09/10/17
Iris Healing Virtual Tour

The Iris Healing Virtual Tour is a short video that shows our holistic drug rehab treatment center where we offer dual diagnosis recovery for addiction and mental health. To learn more about Iris Healing and our compassionate dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles, please contact us toll-free at (844) 663-4747 or visit

Astrology, The Eclipse And The Bigger Picture

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 08/22/17
Astrology, The Eclipse And The Bigger Picture

We, like everyone else, were enamored with this week’s Solar Eclipse, which cascaded across the Monday morning sky. And, as we watched it, we began to take a step back and understand it on a much larger scale. This is a rare opportunity that takes us away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and…

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Clearing Your Mind of the Dark Thoughts of Depression

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 08/17/17
Facing Depression: Clearing Your Mind Of Dark Thoughts

We have spoken before about the importance of mental health and how addiction can take people’s minds to dark thoughts and depression. Depression happens to be one of the worst components of a dependency and, often times, people are under a false assumption that “using” can somehow rid their brain of these dark thoughts. Never…

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As Featured in Keys to Recovery Magazine: A Spoonful of Compassion

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 08/14/17
As Featured in Keys to Recovery Newspaper: A Spoonful of Compassion

When emerging on the other side of a traumatic event, a life-altering decision, or prolonged stress, people often cite the empathy they received from others as a central factor in effective coping and recovery. But what exactly is empathy? When it comes to recovery from a difficult injury, illness, or addiction, how big of a…

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Using The ‘Four Agreements’ During Your Recovery Journey

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 07/18/17
The Four Agreements During Recovery

If you happen to look at the “Day In The Life at Iris” section of our site, you’ll notice that we begin every morning with spiritual reflections and a recital of The Four Agreements. What might those be, you ask? We like to think of The Four Agreements as important affirmations that can lift those recovering out…

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Iris: Good Trips Only

Elena Kapustina, MBA, PsyD 06/10/17
Lake Balboa Park

After a morning meditation, after an inspired meal created by our chef, after individual, group, family, art, movement or yoga therapy… it’s probably time to go on a field trip. Last week Iris residents walked in Lake Balboa Park, participated in equestrian therapy in Malibu and toured the world famous Getty Villa. Part of the…

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