Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California for a Full Recovery

dual diagnosis treatment center in California

People who are dealing with mental health and substance abuse feel trapped. As they wish to recover, they may have to go on a complex journey to address their depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues. This is where our dual diagnosis treatment center in California become useful for those who wish to recover fully. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in California to Treat the Cause and Not Just the Symptoms 

It is possible to treat your mental health illness as well as your addiction. As you address those issues, you can fully recover and experience long-term sobriety. 

For many drug addicts, the number one cause of their addiction is mental health. Many drug rehabs are focusing on treating drug abuse. They get rid of the substance from their patients’ bodies and that’s it. What they do not realize is that drug abuse is the result of the patients’ dealing with mental health issues. 

These drug addicts want to recover. However, as soon as they got out of rehab, they relapse and continue to use those substances. That’s because their mental health issues have not been addressed properly. 

Here at Iris Healing, we offer a dual diagnosis to ensure that our patients will fully recover and never go back to their addicted life. Many individuals who struggle with depression or bipolar disorder feel like there’s nothing they can do. By treating this mental health issue first, their addiction will be treated as well. 

Mental health issues can be treated. Iris Healing is one of the top dual-diagnosis treatment centers with highly successful recovery programs. We take a progressive approach and integrate various therapies to give our patients customized treatment. If you are struggling with mental health and you are addicted to a certain substance, then you may need a dual diagnosis treatment center and not just an ordinary rehab. 

dual diagnosis treatment center in California

Substance Abuse and Mental Health 

These two are linked. Patients with mental health illness may find themselves using drugs or alcohol to deal with their anxiety, depression, etc. Others find that their addiction can trigger a mental health issue, like depression. 

As you address mental health, you will also address substance abuse and vice versa. With dual diagnosis treatment, you can break free from the ups and downs of life. 

Doctors realize now the effects of trauma, abuse, and stressful events have on brain development. The abuse of substances can interrupt your brain function, which can lead to mental health issues. Whether it is the brain malfunction that causes drug abuse or drug abuse causes the brain malfunction, they must be addressed together. And this is where dual diagnosis treatment has been beneficial to many patients. 

At Iris Healing, we provide a holistic approach to our patients. We customize their treatment to help them lead a drug-free life. Our counselors will look at every patient’s condition and find unique needs. 

Our dual diagnosis treatment center in California are ready to assist you in providing a plan that will support your full recovery. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our counselor: (844) 663-4747.

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