dual diagnosis treatment centers in California

Our dual diagnosis treatment centers in California focus on clients battling substance abuse and mental illness. Indeed, that’s what “dual diagnosis” means. It’s important to focus on both of them, as opposed to simply centering on one or the other. The reason for that is simple: without dealing with them both at the same time, the patient will (in all likelihood) be unable to free themselves from either for a long period of time. Focus exclusively on the mental illness, and the addiction will take over. Focus just on the addiction, and the mental illness will hold sway. In this blog, we’ll go over a bit of how our dual diagnosis treatments work.

dual diagnosis treatment centers in California

How our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California Work

One of the challenges of this particular kind of diagnosis is that it can be difficult to figure out exactly what’s causing which symptoms. Should one of our alcoholic patients exhibit certain anxious tendencies, it can be difficult to know whether that’s due to them having anxiety, or it’s a symptom of alcoholism.  That’s why it’s so important to treat the underlying traumas that cause the symptoms. Our dual diagnosis allows us to find what’s causing the symptoms that manifest and ultimately resolve them.

Parallel Treatment

The ideas behind dual diagnosis are actually fairly recent. This parallel treatment allows both to be tackled at once, as opposed to dealing with one and simply hoping that the other lessens. Our experienced and caring staff has years of experience helping people to break the unhealthy patterns that have held them back from the lives they want to lead. In turn, that helps to promote long term healing. At Iris, we don’t just help you feel better while you’re here. We assist you in growing and developing so that you’ll be able to leave here and live the life that you want.

Comprehensive, Individualized Approach

Every person’s trauma and symptoms are different. Indeed, there is no “one size fits all” in therapy. Dual diagnosis accounts for that, allowing us to consider a person’s addictions, underlying trauma and mental health. On top of that, we’re also able to incorporate the external factors in a person’s life that have lead them to this point. That includes physical conditions, family, love life, and even employment. A therapy that’s going to deal with the underlying traumas has to be able to touch upon all of that. Our comprehensive approach means that you’ll get a therapy built specifically for you.

Hope and Renewal

It’s natural to think of addiction recovery as a process that’s uncertain at best. Disruption and turmoil may seem par for the course, simply the way that things go. However, we strongly believe that this is also a time of hope and renewal. When you’re here with us, we can help you to build (or rebuild) your confidence. You can tackle life’s challenges without the addictions that have held you back. Learn more by calling us at (818) 435-3936.