Finding Your Way at a Trauma Healing Retreat

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can include much more than just the physical or psychological dependence that develops on the substance in question. Where many treatment facilities fail is that they focus simply on treating the visible symptoms of addiction and nothing more. While this treatment may work well for some, for many individuals this approach does nothing more than provide a brief reprieve from the addiction. Treatment is most effective when it has the ability to get to the initial cause of the problem, which is why here at Iris Healing Retreat we offer a trauma healing retreat that can provide you with the resolution you seek.

Getting to the Underlying Trauma

For most addicts, there is an underlying traumatic experience or event that facilitated addiction in the first place. Many addicts also face trauma as a result of their addiction. We have found that without addressing the trauma, it is difficult to sustain lasting change. The traumatic events can often be strong triggers to use so targeted therapies like Neurofeedback and Somatic Psychotherapies can ameliorate the negative effects of previous trauma. Once this trauma has been exposed, we can then approach your treatment with the proper therapies that allow you to understand everything better and learn the best ways to cope and manage your life. It is important to get to the root of the problem and our methods will help you achieve that, so you can then focus on working to overcome your addictions and become the free person you want to be.

Finding Your Way at a Trauma Healing Retreat

Guiding You to Healing

Our goal at Iris Healing Retreat is to use our trauma healing retreat as a way to help guide you towards the healing you need on all levels. With the help of our experienced staff and counselors, we can guide you on your personal journey to recovery. We offer different approaches to counseling and therapies that are customized to help you resolve your trauma and recover physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Our Retreat Offers Help

With our help at Iris Healing Retreat, you can experience a trauma healing retreat that can help you overcome your substance addiction and find a way back to a sober life. Reach out to us today by calling 844-663-4747 so you can speak with a member of our team and talk about your situation confidentially. We can provide you with advice and assistance to help you get admitted to our treatment program so you can deal with the issues that may be at the heart of the cause of your addiction.