Holistic Rehab Center For the Tech Industry

holistic rehab center

The tech industry continues to thrive and shape our future. It’s exciting, interesting, and necessary to move society forward. But it’s also problematic. Many people behind the magic are faced with harsh expectations from employers and the industry itself. In the industry, there is a high demand to produce at a rapid-fire pace while always performing well. The intensity and need to fulfill expectations can motivate people to turn to stimulants like energy drinks, increased coffee doses, and uppers including speed and cocaine. While it may feel like a momentary godsend because you’re able to get the work done, it eventually takes a physical and emotional toll, jeopardizing your job and personal life. A holistic rehab center can help you reclaim your health and happiness.


Tech industry


People in the tech industry, especially in start-up culture, are expected to churn out projects in a blink of an eye and to work on emergency projects pretty often. Workers spend long days in the office and even stay up throughout the nights into new days, avoiding sleep entirely, just to finish projects. It’s easy to see why workers in this demanding industry become isolated–there isn’t time to socialize and build nurturing relationships nor is there time to dedicate to hobbies. Additionally, workers carry the stress of unpredictability because companies may fail or be bought out at any given moment. Without the support of people outside the workplace, and with the expectation to get things done fast, workers risk developing problematic habits like substance abuse as well as suffering from anxiety and depression.

holistic rehab center

In a competitive industry, people fear not performing well as they can be replaced instantly by others eager to dominate the tech industry. With such pressure, people take risks to stay on top. Research shows that people in the tech industry turn to drugs such as Adderall, which serves as a gateway to more drugs, in order to function better at work. Additionally, in a research study surveying different industries, it was reported that of the industries surveyed, 20% of Information Technology employees admitted to using pain relievers (opioids) recreationally and 9% admitted to being heavy drinkers. Other reports show that cocaine, Adderall, meth, Provigil, heroin, are widely abused in the tech industry by workers trying to cope with expectations, stress, and anxiety.


Holistic rehab center


A holistic rehab program can assist you in detoxing from not only the substances you’ve used to cope but also the overall distress you’ve endured in the grueling tech industry. Whether you choose the inpatient or outpatient route, you can be supported on a psychological and spiritual level by compassionate mental health professionals. In a holistic rehab center, you can expect to be provided with an administered detox plan, addiction counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, physical and psychiatric evaluations, relapse prevention education, yoga and meditation, sober activities including art therapy and EAP therapy, and even support group therapy.


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