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Hypnosis Therapy Treatment to Change Habits

The word “hypnosis” may conjure a gimmicky image, but hypnotherapy or hypnosis therapy in reality is not at all as it is portrayed in entertainment.

In hypno-therapy, you are led into (or lead yourself into) a hypnotic induction phase to get into a trance–a meditative focused state–to absorb words of encouragement or positive images in a potent way.

A person can choose to follow what is being said or reject the information. It is used to assist forms of psychotherapy and help you break unfavorable habits. Read on to see how hypnotherapy treatment in can help you.

Hypnotherapy to Rid Bad Habits

Bad habits are hard to shake off. They are like second nature and usually unconscious acts. A bad habit is considered a negative behavioral pattern that comes with poor consequences. They can be compulsive. Bad habits can show up when we are anxious, managing stress, and trying to self-soothe or self-medicate. Often we develop these habits through observing our caregivers’ bad habits and internalizing them as our own and by subconsciously seeking control or attention.

Additionally, kids form habits when they find comfort and safety in something, repeating behaviors to calm themselves if they feel endangered, stressed, or lonely. The habits we can develop as children include nail biting, picking skin, chewing objects, cuddling a blanket,  pulling hair, and more. Whereas adults develop habits such as smoking, procrastination, negative self-talk, using drugs and alcohol, overeating, and sleeping late to avoid emotions and cope with issues.

Consequences of these habits can be extreme as they may affect finances, relationships, appearance, health, wellbeing, and career. It can even develop into low self-esteem, social anxiety, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction. Hypnotherapy can help rid of these habits that affect your wellbeing so that you can have a productive life.

Working with a professional is the safest way to know if you are a match for this method of healing. People who have a history of hallucinations and delusions are not good candidates. Plus, people who have a lot of stored unresolved and repressed trauma should work through their trauma through another method before dabbling in hypnosis.

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Hypnotic Induction Exercises

Hypnosis in therapy is used to be more receptive to information that your mind may not want to receive because of poor self-image thoughts and low self-worth. When you enter a hypnotic stage, you can become concentrated on the information as well without the chatter of the mind.

If your therapist gives you the green light to practice light hypnosis on your own, you can try these few exercises to get yourself into a trance.

How To Hypnotize

  • Stare at an object such as a pendulum, moving fan, or ticking clock. Keep your eyes moving along with the object until you are “out of it”. When you do this, your eyes get fatigued and your mind becomes preoccupied. After a while of staring, you will want to close your eyes.
  • Either sitting down or laying down, close your eyes and begin to notice your breath. As you become aware of the rhythm, count backwards or forwards from 100 (like you counted your Mississippis as a child), acknowledging your inhale and exhale. You will gradually drift into a state of peace and focus.
  • Closing your eyes, think of a bright light entering the crown of your head from the skies, traveling throughout your body, removing any stress you have and replacing it with love. As you feel a lightness, countdown to drift into a deeper relaxation.

Once you have achieved the induction, you can tell yourself positive statements to reassure yourself that you are worthy of changing habits. For example, a person who is overeating can tell themselves “I love myself and choose to eat healthy to support my body and mind. I enjoy eating nourishing food”. Then imagine yourself implementing this truth such as you eating a nutritious meal.

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