7 Low Stress Careers and Jobs for People With Anxiety

When you think about it, there’s a reason so many job boards promote “low stress jobs,” or the best jobs for people with anxiety, because they are well-suited for so many people.

Around the world, though especially in western societies, high-stakes, fast paced careers in fields like finance, advertising, fashion and entertainment, are glamorized as the gold standard.

While these types of professions are a good fit for some people, there are others who have no interest in deal making, strategizing, making “cold calls” or exceeding “sales projections” simply for the bragging rights.

This is doubly true for people who suffer from anxiety issues, those who simply want to make a living working in stress free jobs or others where they don’t have to deal with people and are a better fit with jobs for people with anxiety.

Low Stress Careers and Jobs for People With Anxiety

Some People are Afraid They Can’t Get a Job Because of Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders affect 18 percent of the U.S. population annually.

Despite the fact that anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness in the nation, and are highly treatable, there is a stigma attached to mental health issues. This stigma is one reason why so many people fear seeking help or treatment.

Many people that suffer from anxiety disorders feel the need to keep their struggles secret, fearing that it may influence how their co-workers or supervisors perceive them, or may even be afraid they can’t get a job because of anxiety.

All of these worries, in turn, can cause even greater anxiety and decrease a person’s quality of life.

Finding low stress careers with fulfilling work, in an atmosphere that leans toward less social interaction may seem like an impossibility, but with a little research and flexibility, there area variety of satisfying jobs for anxious people.

Here’s a List of 7 of the Best Jobs For People With Anxiety

1. Gardener, Plant Nursery Attendant – Owner or Landscaper

Creating, cultivating and maintaining a garden, a landscape design, or simply growing plants for sale can be an ideal job for anyone suffering from anxiety.

It requires thoughtfulness, creativity and organization to keep plants not just alive, but thriving and beautiful.

It is also a career performed mostly outdoors, in the sunshine and offers a deep, peaceful connection to the earth itself.

2. Transcriptionist or Transcription Services

There is meditative aspect to a job that requires listening to audio and transcribing it onto the page.

Whether it’s medical, legal or entertainment-based transcription, there is nuance in the work, managing sentence structure and emphasis so that the speaker’s message in the audio translates on the page.

This is a very solitary career, which some people prefer, and there are many opportunities for freelance work, making transcription one of the least stressful careers available.

Best Jobs For People With Anxiety

3. Librarian, Used or New Book Store Worker or Owner

For those who crave the opportunity to stay a perpetual-student, working in a library or a store filled with books is not only an excellent way to continue learning, but to help others seeking knowledge, in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

Becoming a librarian does sometimes require a certain amount of higher education. So, this is a route that will require a bit of long-term planning, though that should be considered part of the delight in the journey.

On the other hand, working in a book store is much more accessible and is ideal for anxious people who have a love of books.

4. Programmer or Software Developer

For people with more of an inclination toward technology, computer programming or software development is an excellent choice.

Some of the higher paying positions will require some college education, but there are many programmers who are self-taught, as well.

This type of work requires creativity, technical skill and the ability to enjoy working in quiet solitude, since programming usually requires quite a bit of concentration.

Good programmers or developers can actually make a comfortable living because these types of skills are in high demand in today’s society.

5. Data Entry Specialist

Though some may consider this a mundane job, it can be one of the least stressful careers available and many jobs are available to work from home.

There is certainly satisfaction in doing a job well and with its straightforward track, there is no confusion about what’s expected of you.

Data entry is also not typically the kind of job that a person needs to think about after they’ve clocked out for the day, which is why many people seeking to avoid too much stress prefer these types of jobs.

6. Janitorial, Cleaning or Housework

Now, more than ever before, those who help keep the workplace, home environment and other spaces clean and as germ-free as possible are seen as “essential workers.”

One major benefit to this type of work for those with anxiety is that it comes with clear goals, and is usually completed while those who move about in the environment are not there.

There is plenty of pride to be had in any job that helps keep our common spaces disinfected, clean and orderly.

7. Manufacturing, Factory or Warehouse Work

Certainly, jobs in these industries can come with the stress of keeping production on track and meeting specific output requirements.

However, these are also jobs that require quiet focus, organization and the ability to complete individual tasks.

Warehouse work is currently in high demand to keep supply chains running, while other places in the economy are on hiatus.

Low Stress Jobs

Low Stress Jobs Can Reduce Job Anxiety

Finding low stress jobs that lessen job anxiety issues is not always an easy task. It’s likely almost impossible to avoid all human interaction, nor is that even healthy.

However, it’s very healthy and even admirable to look for jobs that are the most suitable for any kinds of anxiety we might cope with in our daily life.

Having a low stress job or career means people will be less likely to struggle with heightened levels of anxiety and can lead to a healthier and happier life.

At the same time, there are ways to deal with stress and anxiety that will complement non-stressful jobs to help people thrive in their career.