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Overcome Addiction With Sound Therapy Healing Sessions

Is It Possible To Overcome Addiction With Sound Therapy Healing Sessions?

Drug addiction is a growing challenge for everyone in the United States. People from all walks of life can fall into serious addiction, often moving from painkillers to illegal drugs and alcohol.

Maybe you are struggling to overcome a prescription drug habit, or are fighting addiction to heroin or meth. It can be hard to find a treatment program that can really help you to overcome your problems.

There is a growing trend in using alternative therapy as a way to resolve drug or alcohol substance use, and many believe it’s possible to overcome addiction with Sound Therapy Healing as a way to minimize cravings.

Sound Therapy Healing Sessions

Healing Sound Therapy Focus

Healing Sound Therapy is gaining use in addiction treatment as a new form of holistic therapy method. Sounds are created in a variety of ways, including the use of gongs, drums and chimes. The therapy also uses digital technology to produce specific frequencies and patterns of sound.

The focus of sound therapy healing is to use the vibrations produced by various instruments to create change within the mind, which allows the brain to start the healing process, and to change the circuitry that had previously been affected by addiction.

It also aims to reproduce the feeling of being a part of nature, to enhance a feeling of security and calmness.

How Sound Healing Works with Addiction

The focus of this alternative therapy is to bring the mind into the present moment. While doing so, stimulates positive emotions and pathways in the brain.

Sound Healing is a useful tool for overcoming cravings, impulsiveness, and negative emotional states. It can also be viewed as a mindfulness practice, to aid in guiding the consciousness to the present moment.

This can be extremely effective and helpful when treating the symptoms and root causes of addiction. It has shown to be soothing to the brain that is craving substances or might possibly be stuck in negative emotional states.

Sound Therapy Healing - Iris Healing®

Come To Us for Alternative Addiction Treatment

When previous traditional attempts at treating your addiction have failed, and you are looking for another solution, Iris Healing® offers you a more integrative approach.

Our alternative therapies, ranging from massage treatments to music therapy and sound therapy healing, are all designed to reconnect your mind and your body, to reduce the stress of addiction and start the process of rewiring your brain.

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